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Sunday, October 9, 2016


FairyLoot September Unboxing

Hi! So today on the blog, I decided to do something different. I just recieved my Fairy Loot box a few days ago and was super excited to get it. So, without futher ado, lets get to the unboxing! Also, please note that I'm in no way a professional photographer so if my pictures look like crap, well... I'm just warning you.
Note: There will be spoilers in this review. Kindly leave if you would rather not see this.

So first is the box itself. I couldn't help but put a few flowers on top of the box to make the picture more colorful. Also, all these pictures were taken in my backyard, mostly on top of concrete.

When I opened it, there was so much of the paper thingies, you should of seen all of it when I took it all out of the box! Here's also the front of the spoiler card.

The first thing I took out was this candle. It smells so good!! This candle was made by Castle of Fables which is also run by Anissa who created Fairy Loot! I took three pictures, one of the candle alone, one of it laying in the grass, and the last with the box.

Next was this really cute Felix Felicis sticker from Harry Potter, made by Book Otter. I'm probably going to stick it to one of my school binders, maybe it'll give me luck in that class...

After that, I pulled out this really cute Russian Doll necklace created by Pastel Clouds Jewllery. The first picture is of the necklace and the bag it came it. I then took two other pictures of it, one was on my hand and the other was lying on the grass/clovers.

I pulled these out and they're so pretty! I admit to not reading any of the books in the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab, but I fully intend to someday. These wonderful buttons (or badges, or whatever you want to call them) were also made by Book Otter!

This Grisha Notebook was designed by Literary Emporium and is beautiful! I wonder what I should put in there...

This Grisha Second Army poster is really cool-looking. It's designed by Good Night Kittens and looks lovely! Now to put it somewhere on my wall...

This was pretty interesting, on the spoiler card it says this is a bonus item. It's a postcard pack of Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom but I think I might end up framing them.

The last items are the book and the bookish goodies. The book from September is Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. There was also a bookmark from Behind The Pages but I put it with the bookish goodies because the bookmark is related to the book. The bag the book came in was a new feature, and it is awesome! 

One other new thing in the Fairy Loot boxes is this FairyScoop. I thought it was a lovely idea! 

So here's the full unboxing picture, except Vassa is covered up but oh well... I loved this very much and cannot wait for October's box!

Sorry this is very lengthy but I had to add the pictures because the items were all so cute!
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