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Sunday, December 18, 2016

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Life Update Now That The Semester Is Over (AKA Weekly Round Up?)

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!
It's been quite awhile since I've linked up to The Sunday Post, because the last time I did that was well... years ago, I guess. Honestly, it's been two years since I last recall actually being a part of the Sunday Post, so I decided to kick off Winter Break with well... what I've been doing for the past two years!

What I've Been Up To:
  • I am now a freshman in college. I major in Communications! (Thus far I have been told I should consider majoring in Graphic Design and that I have a strong writing style that will help me later on in the program.)
  • Bookwyrming Thoughts has changed it's look! I suppose if anyone has stopped by two years ago and remember the look, it has changed drastically and I've chosen not to create my own design this time.
  • I started my own event! This year I hosted Novel Newcomers with Nori from ReadWriteLove28. If you're a book blogger who started this year or know of one, I'd love to have you on board! (I may also be reaching out to bloggers later on.)
  • We've added on a new coblogger! Her name is Anelise, and she is now the youngest blogger ever on Bookwyrming Thoughts. ^_^
    • Ella recently left Bookwyrming Thoughts. We wish her the best of luck in blogging endeavors and beyond! <3 (She will forever be known as the first coblogger, though.)
  • I've found a second job and break consists of working everyday of the week. On the bright side... I save up for money, which pays for college and all the other adulting things typical adults do.
  • I started a personal website...
  • Learning MailChimp! Unfortunately MailChimp makes you do a lot of work, but we can send GIFs and customize it to fit the season so... I don't know how that works out.
The Posts of This Week, or Lack Thereof, So The Past Two Weeks?
  • Fangirl Friday! - Fangirl Friday was a feature that was started about a year or two ago in which Lupe showcases some of the latest news worth fangirling about. ^_^
  • Novel Newcomers! - We're wrapping up with the final few bloggers who are a part of Novel Newcomers 2016 and we've opened sign ups for next year! DETAILS
This Upcoming Week
  • Novel Newcomers - this may be the last one of the year before we wrap up in January 2017, getting ready to kick off NN17.
  • Fangirl Friday, but Lupe might take a holiday break.
Interesting Books I've Read
I haven't been reading that much, so I'm extremely glad to have the next four weeks with time for reading! Unfortunately I somehow changed the password to my Android tablet and had to reset it, but all the files remain minus the apps. I'm okay with that, I suppose. It could be worse.
  • Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg
  • Jubilee by Margaret Walker
  • Um... I went through a reviewing slump after some life happenings so... I forgot what other books that were significant.
But anyways, hello again. I have existed but I have not existed. How do you all do?

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