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Monday, December 5, 2016


Novel Newcomers 2017 (Sign Ups CLOSED)

Calling all 2016 book bloggers! Novel Newcomers 2017 is open for sign ups!

For those who aren't aware what Novel Newcomers is, it’s a weekly feature featuring new book bloggers from the past year and first got started this year by Nori from ReadWriteLove28 and me. Which basically means, we feature YOU. Awesome you who just got started book blogging in the past year, and it’s made up of guest posts and interviews (blogger’s choice) from February all the way to December.

Unfortunately, for Novel Newcomers 2017, Nori will not be hosting, but a HUGE thank you and shoutout to Nori for helping me as a cohost in brainstorming ideas and kicking off the feature this year. For her reviews and more, you can visit her at ReadWriteLove28 or follow her on Twitter (@ReadWriteLove28).

Here’s some of the details from last year:
  • Must be a blogger who started sometime in 2015.
  • Your blog has to primarily be about books.
  • A total of 144 bloggers will be randomly chosen – only 150 bloggers will be accepted before sign ups close.
  • Novel Newcomers officially started February 1, 2016.
Details for Novel Newcomers 2017:
  • Must be a blogger who started sometime in 2016.
  • Your blog has to primarily be about books. While this may be changed in future years, NN17 will just be featuring book bloggers.
  • A maximum of 150 bloggers will be accepted before sign ups close.
  • Sign ups will close around the end of December or early January.
  • NN17 will be made up of guest posts and interviews - also blogger’s choice. However… if you have other ideas, that is also an option for this year.
  • Depending on responses, there may be a NN17 Twitter chat, which anyone can join - this is yet to be determined.
  • Novel Newcomers will continue to be on Mondays to the best of my abilities.
Some Answers to Questions (or Potential Questions) Since Dec. 5 (UPDATED):
  • The blog does not have to be started in 2016. The blogger has to be the one that started in 2016. For example, if Anelise (who is a coblogger here at Bookwyrming Thoughts) signed up, she would technically be eligible because she joined in 2016.
  • The platform does not matter. You can be on Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, LiveJournal - it just has to be a blog. It cannot be Goodreads or Amazon.
  • Most bloggers will be featured. Since NN17's schedule is a little different and more flexible than NN16, I will go off schedule to feature if I have to and I have the room. And if not, then I'll mention you in the wrap up post. ^_^
  • Your blog does not just have to be about books. You can blog about life updates or random GIF collections on a weekly basis and still sign up. However, most posts do have to be book related.
Having trouble seeing the form? Here's the direct link to the sign up form:

Novel Newcomers 2017 officially starts February 6, 2017 - I can’t wait to feature YOU! Make sure to sign up below if you’re interested, and if you know of any bloggers who started in 2016, be sure to spread the word! <3 💕

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