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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Sophia's 2016 Year In Review (AKA The Year She Wants to Erase, If You Want Complete Honesty)

Happy end of the year! Time to pack up the bad memories, cherish the good ones and zoom on to the next year in the hopes for a better 2017.

2016 has been an emotional ride for me. An extremely emotional ride for me, which poor Lupe had to deal with - erm... support - for a good part of the year. Here's a bit of a rundown of the things that happened in 2016, both on and off Bookwyrming Thoughts.

But before we move on...

On the Blog

  • We've added on a new coblogger! Meet Anelise, who now hails as the youngest blogger on the team.
  • Unfortunately, Ella has decided to leave Bookwyrming Thoughts. It is sad to part ways, but I really enjoyed having her as a coblogger for the past two years (she has some of the best GIFs and writing voices out in the blogging world! Best wishes to Ella as she continues her endeavors in blogging and beyond. <3
  • We also launched our first trial run in our search for the newest addition, which was a completely different experience for all of us involved.
    • We're not going to be opening up permanent spots anytime soon. But if anyone wants to guest post or review (or both!), we're all eyes.
  • Bookwyrming Thoughts launched its new design. Unlike the last two or three designs, we're using a pre-made template. It's not too shabby if you want our opinions.
    • We have a new header too. And a new slogan.
  • I've been updating past posts so it goes well with the new look. I've also been fixing broken links, which there are hundreds of them in the blog alone... It's a slow and tedious progress but heh. Might as well. But only when I have nothing better to do on the computer.
    • Earlier this year, we lost GFC. It's back now, so that's an option! We also lost a lot of peeps in the process, but Blogger might have done some clean up or something. Here's a random goal of reaching back to 400 in 2017.
    • Novel Newcomers launched for the first time ever! Nori and I procrastinated a few times this year, but we didn't too badly... I mean, we tried. Here's to better luck in next year's event.
      • If you're a book blogger who started this year, be sure to sign up! I'd love to have you!
    • We're in the process of moving from Feedburner to MailChimp and you can choose from receiving posts about Fangirl Friday only or all of our blog posts. This is currently a work in progress, but we hope to roll it out next year.
    Really, I don't want to bore you. Have a cake. Dancing cakes. There might be a theme going on here, but I never noticed until now.

      Off the Blog

      • Some of you know that I also contribute to In Wonderland. Unfortunately, due to some events that have come up in my life... I have left the team as of July, shortly after my hiatus post.
      • So that event had something to do with a guy, which I've blocked as of the past few months and unfortunately, it is inevitable for us not to cross paths, like... ever. Because we live literally five minutes from each other. Which is probably the universe's way of laughing at both of us.
        • I still say he's a good person in general. But maybe it's because I'm too soft hearted, although I won't deny that both of us did something wrong and it's extremely complicated. I did stop three people from attempting murder, though (aka sending him a message to make sure he doesn't dare cross paths with me or he'll be sorry). On to more pleasant thoughts.
        • Of course a guy had to be involved. As if I didn't have enough on my plate already...
      • Lupe and I graduated high school. She got to curl my hair and I swear, she was jumping off her bedroom walls when she did that. I mean, she's always wanted to do that in our 7+ years of friendship. It all started when we were little 12-year-olds...
        • We're freshlings! College freshlings! Yay.... I envy Lupe a little because she doesn't deal with speed bumps on a daily basis. Lucky duck.
        • On the bright side, the college I go to recently got verified on Twitter and they're advocates for diversity, which is the greatest thing ever. I, however, cannot say the same about the students. (Really, giving me a pointed look while saying it's going to be a great four years within 10 minutes of meeting me is a fantastic way to make me dislike someone immediately. I'll never tell it to their face, though.)
          • Sometimes I do want to go try my attempt at verification, but then I realize I probably don't have enough credentials.
      • I've created a personal website. I haven't done too much yet, but I'm hoping to get started on uploading some of my work on there soon. Take a gander if you'd like.
        • You might notice a name change. I did it because back when I first started BWT, I chose to use a pen name for safety reasons. It's to bridge the gap between my real name and pen name.
        • Some have been asking if they should start calling me by my actual first name. No, you do not. It is completely optional. Just know that when you see either name, it's most likely the same person (and then there's a Sophia Lin who is some sort of film producer... that's not me - I'm too low for that, and I'll probably have better luck as a narrator despite the amount of actors in my family)
        • In fact, most are comfortable with Sophia.
      • I got a second job! As if I don't have enough on my shoulders already... but it pays the bills so...
      • I occasionally exist on Medium - you can find some of the articles I've written so far, which is few and far between.
      I probably come across as a blogger who is really bored and attempting to entertain. But who's excited for the live action Mulan movie? (I mean, as long as the cast is primarily Asian...)

      Favorite Posts on the Blog

        All righty. Bookwyrming Thoughts has been slacking this year, but I'm carrying on to bring up some of my favorite posts of the entire year.
        How has everyone else's year been like? And if want our goals and resolutions for the new year, be sure to hop on by next year!

        And one final GIF....

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