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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Blog Tour: Jonah by Nikki Kelly - Review

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing Jonah by Nikki Kelly for the Irish Banana's blog tour. Let's get right into it!

Jonah (The Styclar Saga #3)
Author: Nikki Kelly
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends
Publishing Date: February 7, 2017
Links: Amazon | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble
The conclusion of the Styclar Saga trilogy focuses on Jonah, the vampire badboy with a hunger for Lailah and a rivalry with the angel Gabriel.

Jonah is the vampire who saved Lailah from the appetites of even darker evil: the vampire Purebloods. Now he must decide whether he will give up his existence so that Lailah will survive—even if it means that she will spend eternity with his friend and rival, the angel Gabriel.

This stunning conclusion to the Styclar Saga will have fans deciding once and for all: Team Jonah or Team Gabriel?

About the Author

NIKKI KELLY was born and raised only minutes away from the chocolately scent of Cadbury World in Birmingham, England. Lailah was first launched to wattpad, an online readers and writers community. Within six months, the novel had over one million reads. Lailah is Nikki’s debut novel, and the first book in The Styclar Saga. She lives in London with her husband and their dogs, Alfie (a pug) and Goose (a Chihuahua).

Website | Goodreads | Twitter

Review (Spoilers for previous books in series!)
Hello everyone! So today I was supposed to review this book, but to be honest, I didn't finish. I didn't start reading until yesterday, which wouldn't of been a problem, except for that I was really tired. Long story short, I fell asleep. At least I woke up early so I could finish this. (That's why I didn't post this at midnight!) Because of this, I'm going to call this a status update, if you will. I'm going to talk about what I have read and share some of my predictions. I hope none of you get mad and start coming after me with a pitchfork... When I do finish this book, I will post my final review.

Okay, so in this book, Lailah is in the third dimension and meanwhile, Jonah is on Earth with everyone else. If you've read the other books, you know that both Jonah and Gabriel like Lailah and that she will have to choose one (hence the last part of the blurb, "his stunning conclusion to the Styclar Saga will have fans deciding once and for all: Team Jonah or Team Gabriel?"). Lailah struggles with a lot of pain and sorrow from the other books and also has trouble with her two sides: angel and demon. She also meets a friend who only knows her as "Cessie" and according to other reviews, that character helps Lailah.

Now about the ending, some people have said the ending is perfect, and a couple others think that it's crap (I wanna say because of who their shipping but I don't know, I haven't read up to that part if you read the first paragraph). Now I don't know the ending, but here's my educated guess/hypothesis. Each book is named after a character (Lailah being the first, Gabriel after, and Jonah to conclude). That also shows how important they are in the story because if they weren't important, they wouldn't be the titles. But also, each book kinda focuses on each character. Since this is the last book and it's titled Jonah (first sentence of blurb "conclusion...focuses on Jonah") I'm thinking that this focuses more on Jonah and his love for Lailah than in previous novels but since this is the conclusion and it's more about Jonah, I think Jonah and Lailah will end up together, although I do admit, I'm team Gabriel. But who knows, I might change while I finish reading this just like when I read the ACOMAF series (yes, I was for Tamlin first, but ACOMAF easily changed me). Okay, getting a bit off topic there... oops!

I find that this world is so well-developed, it almost feels like it could be real. For instance, the prologue is a re imagining of the Garden of Eden and the angels Orifiel and Eden (I think at least... I'm not that knowledgeable about this stuff).

Hmm, is there anything else I need to add? Well this is pretty long itself so I guess this is pretty much it. Wait, one more thing. I don't know about you but when I first start reading, I can usually get a good sense of what I will end up rating the novel (usually pretty accurate!) so with this one, I'm probably going to either rate it a four or a five. (You know that's your cue to go buy the book and read it, right? No? Oh, well go and do it! Unless you haven't read the others. Get those, read them, then get this book too! This whole series is really good and from what I've read, the ending is going to be one I won't forget. And those are the best types of books. Also, you know, a strong finish to a series is good.)
Haha that's longer than I'll usually write for one of my actual reviews, and very detailed. Maybe I'll just keep this and just add my final review to Goodreads. What do you guys think? Should I post my final review here as well as Goodreads, or just Goodreads? Let me know in the comments below! (Just note that the review will most likely not be this long lol why would it?) I hope I didn't scare anyone off with so many words😅

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