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Friday, February 24, 2017

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Fangirl Friday: Things to Look Forward to in March

Thanks Sophia for taking over last week's Fangirl Friday! I've been sick the past few weeks (seems like a month at this point) and I've been jam packed with school work and exams. Anyone feel like they are drowning in school work? *Waves hands in the air cause I DO CARE AT THIS POINT* Is the semester over already? *Urges Spring Break to come PRONTO!*

Let's get back to business!

Beauty and The Beast, my friends, IS COMING! It's finally going to be March 17 and I have a feeling this movie will break the box office records and I sure hope so. Have you seen the Belle scene?! It was MARVELOUS! BEAUTIFUL! STUPENDOUS! I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!

But I won't. I would bore you to death.
13 Reasons Why is coming to Netflix at the end of March (March 31st to be exact!) and I'm so excited! Who isn't? I'm just here to remind you guys why Netflix is awesome and what show you should totally binge watch next. BY THE WAY..... Do you have a show to recommend me to binge watch next? Please help a friend out and tell me in the comments below!
No SHADOWHUNTERS S2 Review for episodes 7 and 8?!

Well, I was too sick to watch or do anything and I was drowning in school work so I'll make sure I catch up with these episodes. I will do a separate post with a pile of episode reviews, so you can look forward to that in the next week or two.
Who is going to watch the Oscars this Sunday?! I will try to since I will be doing homework and watching the Oscars, all at the same time. Wish me luck!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST..... Sophia..... How dare you side with Backstreet Boys. #Nsync4life

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