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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Novel Newcomers: Uma @ Books.Bags.Burgers

Happy Monday!

I'm extremely excited to be kicking off the second Novel Newcomers, which starts TODAY. I'm also extremely excited to have today's guest poster, because she has an amazing blog design with an amazing blog name to top it off. She also writes fantastic discussion posts, so I'm really happy she will be kicking off NN17!

Why Fantasy is My Favourite Genre

Greetings Muggles and Magicfolk alike! I’m Uma from Books.Bags.Burgers. ( and I’m really excited to be a part of the Novel Newcomers 2017! I’m taken a break from training young witches and playing with sphinxes to tell you all why Fantasy is my favourite genre ever! (Not that anyone needs reasons to love fantasy but we all love lists don’t we? )

1.  Because Witches and Evil Queens and Oh, Monsters!

You’re probably thinking I’m an evil witch in disguise (I’m not even going to deny that) but come on people! You gotta admit that dark evil characters with magic and sorcery up their sleeves are the best thing in literature ever! I bet the most boring of books you’ve had to read in high school would have been so much more better with evil witches (ie, me).

2.  Because We have Magic

Maybe you don’t ‘cause you’re not an evil witch but let me tell you a secret- Reading books makes you magical. I became a witch when I first read Harry Potter and then I became a demigod when I read Percy Jackson and then a Damphir when I read Vampire Academy (I happen to be multitalented) When you read fantasy books, you’re basically inside the book. When reading fantasy, you could be an assassin or a pirate or a mage or a monster (Monsters can be fun people. You gotta give them a chance.)

3.  The covers of fantasy books are gorgeous

Ok I know we aren’t supposed to judge books by their cover but I would definitely pick a book with mages and fire-breathing assassins on the cover over books with well, reality.

Also, they look good on my Bookstagram. (I’m shamelessly going to add a link so you poppets can find more such gorgeous pictures of glorious books! - )
Photography: Uma @ Books.Bags.Burgers

4. Because I can escape reality for a while

We have so many problems in real life and sometimes I’m basically just trying to escape it all! Fighting Voldemort, training with Dimitri Belikov (He is my first ever book boyfriend) and going on quests with Percy and the gang is so much more awesome! I get to feel all badass and freaking amazing when reading a book.

5.  Fantasy books teach you things you’ll probably not get to use anywhere but you can’t deny their awesomeness.

Name: Uma of the Wonderful West (Wonderful = wicked)
Age: I stopped counting after the first couple hundred years or so

Academic Qualifications:
Can make Polyjuice potion
Knows how to destroy Horcruxes
Knows how to kill Strigoi
Knows Greek mythology
Is a Dream Thief (Ronan Lynch’s protégé)
Can kill quietly and efficiently
Can transform into a tigress
Knows how to play wizard’s chess
Can communicate with animals

See I might not get a chance to use these undeniably awesome talents but there’s always a chance I might get plunked into the middle of a fantasy novel so these are my precious talents!

Is fantasy your favourite genre? If not, what is your favourite genre and why?

Where You Can Find Uma: Blog | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram

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