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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


RWBY Volumes 1 & 2 and Why You Should Watch It

In my four weeks of winter break, I’ve basically invested in a free trial of Netflix (obviously I won’t be subscribing until maybe the summer when I have far more time on my hands) and finally watched the show one of my friends keeps urging me to watch.

I am not an anime person. If anything, I avoid anime, unless it’s Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, or Sailor Moon, all of which I hold dear to my inner child heart. (Technically I am still a child, and I can probably pass as a child because I sound like a child, and I can’t help it because I was born that way.) But for my first week of break, I admit I have been binge watching RWBY. (Hey! I finished a book too! And I wrote a review! And then I started another book! And I worked!)
Kicking life, straight in the..?
RWBY was good enough that I decided to go write an entire blog post about it - I mean, a review of the first two seasons while fangirling and being the absolute dork that I am.

Why You Should Watch RWBY

Badass Fairytale Characters

I mean, they really kick monster butt. I know there are retellings of badass Red Riding Hoods, but Snow White and others? (I can’t tell what others, but I know Snow White is in there and maybe Sleeping Beauty.) I think I got sold on that aspect alone - precisely why Once Upon A Time needs to be available to be downloaded so I can go watch it! >_<
My favorite character in fabulous action

Cheesy Jokes

Sometimes jokes are so bad, they’re good. I am that weirdo who likes bad jokes - especially puns (plus I like to come up with them).


If Netflix doesn’t have the third and fourth season, at least Crunchyroll has them and I can go invest my time in Crunchyroll when I’m on the internet. Thus far, both Volume 1 and 2 end in cliffhangers - after the credits are over. Unacceptable to my fangirl heart. Unacceptable.

Character Development

There is so much character development throughout the two seasons that I’ve watched, especially with Weiss, who is the heir of a major company and a complete stuck up. But as she continues at Beacon Academy to become a huntress, she actually improves and grows as a character. ^_^

Adorable Main Characters

Ruby Red, the primary main character (and seems to be based on Red Riding Hood) is absolutely adorable. She’s two years younger than her peers, being pushed ahead of her classmates in becoming a huntress. Compared to everyone else, she’s certainly a little immature, but she’s adorable in the process (plus Weiss’s constant exasperation is hilarious). Plus there's a chibi version.
Thus far, I'm at Season Four, but get ready for tears if you get attached to any of the characters....
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