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Sunday, April 23, 2017


Monstrology in Wizard101: So... We're Collecting the Undead's Undead "Souls?" Oh, and I Steps on Casting?

Hello wizardlings! (Yeah... I'm still working on that greeting.)

Today's guest is a little harmless monster brought to you by Adobe Spark Post.

We’re here to chat about monstrology and how I decided to finally dabble into collecting the animus from undead creatures, as the game puts it. But in my weird and quirky little way…

Monstrology is basically collecting the undead’s undead immortal souls that can be collected an infinite number of times.
Oh, dear. It seems ghostie has been caught in a very weird position and trying to escape. Too bad, ghostie.

It can be used in three fashions:

Summoned as a House Guest

They’re the in between of pets and decoration, so walking decoration fits them… right? Or, depending on the poor creature whose animus can now be collected for an infinite amount of times, they can also float or prowl or… insert any other action of moving from place to place.

Animus is the proper term, not soul. Soul is just my weird way of analogizing all of this, and it’s also a little darker? But then there’s also the death school, which is almost necromancy in and of itself.

But anyways, necromancy and raising dead aside (I'm reading The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco so that's on my mind), they’re considered decorations. And they can move around like pets but can’t be your actual pet. I thought they had to be pretty little decorations to fight them (giddyup ghostie?), which I'm apparently not the only one if you follow Tales of the Spiral, where Shadowhorn gives you a walk-through of how Monstrology works.

Summoned Later

I would say summoned as a minion, but that would be extremely inaccurate and only partially true. Since I haven’t actually messed around with this newest feature too much, I didn’t get the chance of giving this a try from both sides of the spectrum. From the looks, it looks like we can summon as minions to assist in battle or through the monstrodome (which is like a book on a stand you can buy from the crowns shop or craft) and fight them repeatedly.
Okay, that looks really cool.

So that basically means I can try and collect Malistaire and beat him up often for putting me through torture?! Well, okay, there’s one particular boss that I really hate throughout my journey as a balance wizard, and it was horrible having to fight the dude.

I think he was an elephant.

Well, anyways, by default, the monstrodome lets you fight a group of four wooden minions until you switch it out. Like any battle, you can fight up to four monsters at a time, and the place you’re transported to is really cool. It’s almost like an alternative world to Krokotopia, in my opinion.
Ayy, it's a floating candle!
I guess it is an alternative world.

Expelled?! Monster, Bye.

That was a Beyonce reference.

Ah, well, no one’s getting expelled here. The poor undead little soul whose animus is being collected can… though I haven’t given this particular feature a try yet. You can basically expel any undead creature aside from the bosses.

So much for expelling Lord Nightshade from class, eh?

Monstrology has been out for almost two weeks - have you given this new feature a try? What are your thoughts?

And well... if we go into sinister mode, can things get darkerrr? 😈

Other Shtuffs In Wizard101

I took a gander at some of the other shenanigans as well KI introduced, including the new Professor's Hoard Pack, Jewel Vault - hey, speaking of vaults, do we have a gear vault? I'm in desperate need of one.


I did, however, get a rental of the new casting spell mount from the balance school. We can now step on casting! Hooray!
Surfs Up! Erm, Casts Up!
Personally I really like it, but I have one slight problem as a graphic design minor in regards to the mounts: the intensity of the color. It's too... light.

Did you check out the other updates? What undeadlings are you hoping to collect Animus from and fight constantly in the comfort of your own home (or dorm)? Be sure to leave your thoughts below or chat with me on Twitter (@HannahSophiaLin), because inquiring wizard minds want to know!

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