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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Blog Tour: Remember Me Forever by Sara Wolf | ARC Review

Tour Schedule
Happy Tuesday, booklings! Welcome to the next stop on the Remember Me Forever blog tour, the third and last book of Sara Wolf's Lovely Vicious series. Plus you can win the ultimate college survival pack below!


Lovely Vicious #3
Sara Wolf
Publication Date: May 2, 2017
Publisher: EntangledTeen
Reviewer: Sophia

Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, forty-three weeks, and two days. Or so she thinks.

The boy she maybe-sort-of-definitely loved and sort-of-maybe-definitely hated has dropped off the face of the planet in the face of tragedy, leaving a Jack Hunter–shaped hole. Determined to be happy, Isis fills it in with lies and puts on a brave smile for her new life at Ohio State University.

But the smile lasts only until he shows up. The menace from her past—her darkest secret, Nameless—is attending OSU right alongside her. And he’s whispering that he has something Isis wants—something she needs to see to move forward. To move on.

Isis has always been able to pretend everything is okay. But not anymore.

Isis Blake might be good at putting herself back together.

But Jack Hunter is better.
Advanced copy provided by EntangledTeen via Netgalley - thanks!

Remember Me Forever is the third and last book of Sara Wolf’s Lovely Vicious trilogy, when we are brought back to the world of Isis and Jack. It’s been over three years since Isis Blake has fallen in love, and with Jack having disappeared off the surface of the planet, she tries to get over it by living a normal life as possible until she comes across someone she would rather never see again.

Sara Wolf’s latest book is the darkest of the three books - the first book, Love Me Never, is very light-hearted: there is a lot of laugh out loud moments, snarky comments, and a great banter between Isis and Jack. The second, Forget Me Always, is a little darker than the first, but Isis still has her moments. Wolf gives us a few teasers from Jack’s and Isis’s past without fully revealing anything. Remember Me Forever brings both Jack’s and Isis’s past to light, and their confrontations towards it.

I adored Isis throughout the entire trilogy, and it’s no wonder Jack adores her as well. Isis has a quirky personality - despite all she’s gone through, she tries to find light of the situation. She takes the situations she’s in and spins them right back with a funny comeback, even if it may be well over the top. (I suppose this is because I cope the same way - I come back with an evil little comment.)

I also really liked how Isis takes what happens to her and tries to help others who are in a similar situation before anything bad actually happens to them. Isis, however, doesn’t do that by going to someone else entirely - she confronts the perpetrator herself. All of that is, in a way, helping her prepare for the final confrontation - her past.

It was an absolute joy to go through a part of Isis’s and Jack’s journey of life - the Lovely Vicious trilogy deals with a dark topic, but has a great balance of funny and serious.

About Sara Wolf

Sara Wolf is a twenty-something author who adores baking, screaming at her cats, and screaming at herself while she types hilarious things. When she was a kid, she was too busy eating dirt to write her first terrible book. Twenty years later, she picked up a keyboard and started mashing her fists on it and created the monster known as the Lovely Vicious series. She lives in San Diego with two cats, a crippling-yet-refreshing sense of self-doubt, and not enough fruit tarts ever.

Author Links:


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, May 26, 2017


Fangirl Friday: Manchester Attack + Upcoming June Movie Releases

I honestly don't like the fact that I'm starting off another week with another bad incident. What happened in Manchester was awful and kills me knowing that the world that we are living in is getting way worse than I thought. When will we drop our differences, stop our love for money and, stop our love for power? Innocent people are paying for the mistakes of others, and I don't think that's right.

Let's do a moment of silence for the victims who have died in this awful event. Please keep those who were harmed, and who were traumatized in your thoughts and prayers; including Ariana Grande and her team.


Here are some upcoming June releases.

Wonder Woman
June 2

The Mummy
June 9

Cars 3
June 16

Transformers: The Last Knight
June 23

Despicable Me 3
June 30

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

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Monday, May 22, 2017

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Kathryn @ Bookwise and Rita @ Bookish Rita | Novel Newcomers

Hellooo bookwyrms!

Welcome back to another edition of Novel Newcomers, where I need to start being more creative or I'm bound to scare off all the people.

I am currently trying to not be a slacker, but it is really hard not to be one when I work six days and have one day to do all the blogging things.

Today's featured bloggers are Rita from Bookish Rita and Kathryn from Bookwise for an interview involving eggs. (I have a very bad pun, but nawh. I'll pass.)

Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?
Rita: Something I’ve been very interested for three years now is sewing. I really like fashion and playing with materials and textures, whenever I go shopping I always think “this would be lovely if it had X”. I’ve owned a sewing machine for two years now but have really slacked and don’t use it nearly as much as I should. That’s what I’ll be doing this Easter mini-break! Besides that, I really like writing, although I’ve been experiencing some blocks lately…

Kathryn: I really enjoy cooking and baking! I had the chance to cater for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner and wedding shower, and I really enjoyed that! I actually considered going to culinary school, when I was younger. I also love doing crafts- knitting, mostly, although I also crochet and sew. I haven’t had much of a chance to do all that, lately, but I always love giving characters those hobbies!

What is your most unusual accomplishment?
Rita: When I was around nine or ten, I walked for a kid’s clothing company. It was rather spontaneous, I never really dreamed of becoming a model, and a great deal of fun. I say that it is unusual because if you looked at me as a kid (or now, really) you wouldn’t think of model material as I’m rather uncoordinated and not particularly elegant.

Kathryn: When I was in middle school, I started a program called Future City there. Future City is this nation(world?)wide contest for middle school students, and teaches about sustainable engineering for the future- the kids get to design, build (a model of), and present a city of the future. Do I have any interest in engineering? Hahaha no, I hate math with a burning passion. But I guess something stood out to me about the program, and the kids liked it there, because it’s still going on!

What is your favorite food?
Rita: Everybody knows of my love for avocados. It doesn’t really matter if it is avocado on toast with grounded black pepper, pureed to make a salad dressing, or diced on top of some pasta.

Kathryn: I don’t think I love, like, one single food as my favorite, but flavor combinations? Chocolate and cinnamon, lamb and rosemary, basil and lemon- granted, I can’t really afford most of my favorite combinations, but seriously. Food. I’m a huuuuge foodie, so if it works really, really well together I’ll love it forever. If I had to choose one, though, dark chocolate. The darker the better. (84% = my heart, and the confusion of my friends.)

What is one thing you are looking forward to this season (spring/fall)?
Rita: Going on more walks, taking in the sunshine, and touristing more in my own city. Sometimes I forget how gorgeous Lisbon is, but when the sun shines I realize why tourism has been growing here.

Kathryn: There’s something about spring that makes everything feel so… new. And after a semester of several bad classes (yay studenting, amiright?), I am very, very excited to be done with it. The sun will be out more, the grass will be greener, the trees will have flowers, and maybe we’ll get one of those wonderful, massive thunderstorms that last all of five minutes but are still freaking INCREDIBLE and big raindrops and thunder and lightning and ok I think I’m fangirling now. Over a thunderstorm. I apologize immensely.

Oh, and there’s also my birthday. Maybe I’ll get more books?

If you could write a retelling of any classic, which would it be and what kind of genre would it be in?
Rita: Emma by Jane Austen is one of my favorite classics, I love the plot and the characters as well. Although it has been adapted to the big screen in the form of Clueless, I’d like to see or read a new retelling. I’d keep it a contemporary romance because I’m a sucker for that genre, and I think it works best that way.

Kathryn: I really would love to do a contemporary inspired by The Little Mermaid- the idea of giving up something important for the one you love just sticks in my head, for some reason. Also, would totally do a retelling of Moulin Rouge, in which Christian was female- or possibly Phantom of The Opera, with Raoul being female? I don’t know, I just love love triangles in which there’s both a male and a female love interest.

What songs are currently stuck in your head lately?
Rita: Lorde is one of my favorite artists, so “Green Light” and “Liability” have been on replay since she’s released them. I can’t wait to listen to the whole album.

Kathryn: “Stone Cold” (Demi Lovato) is a literal summary of one of my characters, soooo…. Yep. Also, Halsey’s “Ghost” and Lorde’s “Glory and Gore” (also a character who I LOVE OMG).

How do you like eggs (if you like eggs… and candy eggs count too in case you don’t like eggs or are allergic to them)?
Rita: I only like eggs if they’re boiled. I like them really hard-boiled, but at the same time I really like runny yolks. As long as they aren’t fried or scrambled, I’ll eat them.

Kathryn: Either runny-yolk fried or in a cake. ;)

Where to find Rita: Blog | Goodreads | Twitter
Where to find Kathryn: Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

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LATE Fangirl Friday Edition: Times Square + Trailers

Let's start off with moment of silence for the 18 year old girl who died during the tragic event that happened on Thursday at Times Square. Also, please keep all of the injured people who were involved in your thoughts and prayers. I hope for a speedy recovery for each and every one of these injured people.

Trailer Time!





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Friday, May 19, 2017

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Blog Tour: No Second Chances - Excerpt and Giveaway

*Dusts off mic and taps it* Hello? Oh good, this thing still works. Sorry for being super MIA! Haha my last post was May 5 and before that who knows when.... *sweat drop* Well anyway, back on topic, today I'm bringing you the No Second Chances book tour! I would of reviewed this but I ended up not because I didn't have time to read it for personal reasons and the host of this tour, Giselle of Xpresso Book Tours was kind enough to provide an excerpt I can show you guys instead! Don't forget to stop at the other stops today!

No Second Chances (Dodge Cove #3)
Author: Kate Evangelista
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

Natasha was DEVASTATED when Jackson, her first love, disappeared without a word only to pop up months later as a famous DJ. But now she’s over it―over him!―and ready to move on with her life! Isn’t she?

Jackson thought he was leaving Dodge Cove behind forever when he set off to LA to start his career as a DJ. But the one thing he had never been able to leave behind was the memory of his first love, Natasha, and now that he’s proven his success, he’s coming home to win her back…

Get ready to stop time, defy gravity and bring down the stars in this final book in Kate Evangelista’s Dodge Cove Trilogy!

About the Author
When Kate Evangelista was told she had a knack for writing stories, she did the next best thing: entered medical school. After realizing she wasn’t going to be the next Doogie Howser, M.D., Kate wandered into the Literature department of her university and never looked back. Today, she is a graduate of De La Salle University – Manila with an Bachelor of Arts in Literature. She taught high school English for three years and was an essay consultant for two. Currently she writes full time and is based in the Philippines. To learn more about Kate, please visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @KateEvangelista
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Before I get any further, here's the whole tour schedule!

May 15th
Becky on Books >> Interview
Haddie’s Haven >> Review
Perks Be With You >> Review
The Boundless Booklist >> Review

May 16th
underneath the covers >> Excerpt
To Be Read >> Review
With Love for Books >> Review
BooksChatter >> Interview

May 17th
CBY Book Club >> Excerpt
Between books >> Review
Girl vs Books >> Review
Girls With Books >> Playlist
blogs and coffee >> Guest post

May 18th
The Bibliophile Confessions >> Review
Dreamland Teenage Fantasy >> Review
Loves Great Reads  >> Excerpt
Evolving Perceptions >> Review
The Reading Belles >> Review

May 19th
Writing Pearls  >> Review
Bookwyrming Thoughts >> Excerpt
A British Bookworm’s Blog >> Review
Whoo Gives A Hoot >> Excerpt
The Heart of a Book Blogger >> Review

Lastly, before I post the excerpt, there's a tour-wide giveaway for the US and Canada!
What you can win: One print copy of No Second Chances
a Rafflecopter giveaway

They faced each other in the space between two doors barely bigger than a coat closet. Behind Natasha, the booming bass still pushed through. The harsh florescent lighting above them let out a faint buzz, flickering every once in a while.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Natasha asked.

Jackson slid the phone into his back pocket then ran his fingers through his damp hair. “You won’t believe how happy I am right now. When I saw you in the crowd tonight—”

She jerked back. “Happy?”

“Yeah. I missed you. So much.”

“Miss me? You miss me?”

“Yeah.” He reached out for her, but she moved away. “My heart is beating so hard right now I think I’m going to pass out. You should feel it.”

“You’re a sick bastard, do you know that?” She crossed her arms again, her brow furrowed.

Jackson’s brow mimicked Natasha’s. “I don’t understand.”

A laugh escaped her lips as she shook her head. “Well, let me make things clear for you. You left. No word.”

“If you let me explain—”

“What’s there to explain? It looks pretty obvious to me.” She pointed toward the club. “That’s your life now.”

“Can you hear yourself right now?”

“You seriously think I’m being crazy?” She slapped her forehead with the heel of her hand and laughed until she doubled over. All the blood rushed to the pads of Jackson’s feet as he slowly realized what was happening. “Come on, Tash. Let’s talk about this.”

“Talk?” Natasha sobered. “Now, after all this time, you want to talk?” She cut her hand through the air between them. “No. I only came to prove to myself that I’m over you.”

“Tash, don’t do this. Please.”

She sized him up with those eyes he once thought tamed any man’s wild heart. They absolutely conquered his.

“No second chances,” she said, finality in her tone.

The words were a slap in the face. They stunned him into silence.

With all the dignity in the world, she lifted her chin before she turned around and stalked off. Leaving the scent of her expensive perfume behind.

For the first time since he was five-years-old, he heard nothing.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

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Tatiana @ AfroBoricua Reads | Novel Newcomers

Welcome back to Novel Newcomers! (And now returning to our weekly programming...)

We last left off with Di from Book Reviews by Di and Mia from Pen and Parchment back in early April with an interview that resulted in the three of us talking about edible math, pie, and more pie. Granted, I was the guilty one who started the conversation, but that's okay because it's food, and food is totally okay.

I then took an unannounced hiatus with Novel Newcomers due to projects and scholarly endeavors, but now summer has officially come for me. I'm going to try and not procrastinate this time (though it's really hard because no internet! At home! I'm using data! Tracfone!)

Speaking of procrastinating... someone pinch me because I haven't sent the questions to everyone being featured in May. Ahh!
We are BACK with another edition of Novel Newcomers, where Tatiana from AfroBoricua Reads is kicking it off with a guest post about what diversity means to her and why it matters.

Diversity: Why It Matters

Hey Everybody!

Today I wanna talk about something that matters to me: Diversity in books.

Growing up Black and Puerto Rican I rarely ever saw myself in the media. When I did see myself in the media I was always stereotyped as the maid or gangbanger. I was hardly the main heroine always the sassy sidekick. I was there to make the white MC look good and nothing more.

I struggled with my identity for years not really knowing who I was. I've been reading since I was little and I could probably count on one hand the amount of books that had a MC that looked like me. Until last year I had no idea had badly I needed to see myself in books - when I got an ARC of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and The Education of Margot Sanchez by Lilliam Rivera, I cried. I saw myself on the cover, I saw myself in the story. I knew I mattered in that moment: that I was important and that I could be the heroine of my own story.

Diversity in books is important, we need to reflect the actual world and not just a small minority of it. We need to let writers from all kinds of background (non allocishet white writers) tell their own stories and reach out to someone who needs to see their not alone. That's why diversity in books matters.

Find Tatiana On the Interwebs!

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Friday, May 12, 2017

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Fangirl Friday: A New Book and Some New Trailers

What's up everybody!?! That grammar is not correct, but we'll deal with it. Don't you worry. I'm FINALLY out of school! I will finally have time to read, chillax, do some personally projects I've been dying to do, and work cause that tuition isn't gonna pay itself. Hello to those struggling college students. I'm with yah, you're not alone. If you're in high school still.... be grateful of those free textbooks.

President Bill Clinton is teaming up with James Patterson for a new thriller coming out June 11, 2018 called The President is Missing. Here's the summary according to Goodreads.

A sitting U.S. President is missing. President Bill Clinton partners with #1 bestselling author James Patterson in a powerful, one-of-a-kind thriller filled with the kind of insider details that only a President can know.

Anyone a fan of the controversial show 13 Reasons Why? I've never read the book nor have I seen the show, but I plan to this summer. The show has been renewed for season 2! Here's the trailer Announcement!

Blade Runner 2049

Final Wonder Woman Trailer

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Monday, May 8, 2017

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The Experience of Blogging on a Tablet | Discussion

I ask myself weird questions and come up with post ideas sometimes. (Or sometimes they become a partially written post, and I leave it sitting there on my hard drive.)

My latest idea had something to do with commenting devices, but then it turned into a post about my blogging experience on a tablet for the past few years. Okay, I’ve been meaning to write about that experience for a while but I just never got around to it.

Most of my blogging career is a very split divide between a tablet and a computer. A very crappy computer, but a computer nonetheless. But speaking of crappy computers, I did have to get one for school because sometimes an iPad provided by the school just isn't good enough for productive work.

I totally use it to watch videos and do the actual typing on my laptop, though. Everyone wonders why I use both (some wonder why I even bother with a laptop but an iPad is NOT the same when I run around doing graphics for school) but I have YouTube Red, and YouTube Red isn't available to download videos on a computer. Plus, my battery lasts longer on an iPad than a laptop (Macs are expensive, so I like Windows better).

Does that make me sound like I’m rambling?

My Tablet Blogging Experiences

It's slow. Extremely slow. And. I. Mean. Computer. Having. A. Hard. Time. Breathing. Type. Of. Slow. Okay, so maybe it's not that slow, but the general, overall gist is this: it is a long and slow process. I don't know how I have the patience for this because I've been told that I don't have patience, but I’ve also been told I have patience. Does this mean I'm picky with my patience as much as I am with what I remember? My memory sucks horribly sometimes.

Sometimes, I can be compared to Dory.
Unfortunately, the world is merciless, and I get yelled at constantly. (It's really bad when there's a lot going on in the background.)

One can only swipe for so much before getting frustrated. The great thing about my tablet is how I can get custom keyboards that enable me to swipe (or the default keyboard lets me swipe, which Apple has yet to implement in their keyboards, but I like downloading keyboard apps from the app store because themesss). But occasionally? My iPad likes to play calibration issues when I charge it and do swipe typing of words all on its own. It’s very annoying.
iPad won't let me scroll in Blogger. I've tried, honestly. All I can do is run around in HTML mode and then edit, which is precisely why I've converted to writing on Google Docs and then copying/pasting into Blogger. (I still lose the formatting because there is so much crap if I copy directly. And I hate dealing with crap when I have to go into the coding myself, so I like to keep it clean.). Because my computer is so small in storage, I've resorted to using Google Drive for everything rather than OneDrive (I still keep that one around in case I have to do something other than press releases and shenanigans).

Before anyone asks, yes, I have a microSD card for expanded storage. My computer still sucks at storage, but I can at least carry it around for blogging and schoolwork. My home computer, which is old and cranky when it connects to the internet and runs on Windows Vista, is just there to be pretty. Apparently my new laptop I can’t take out the battery and replace it when it finally dies without actually consulting a professional. I am not okay with this.

The Blogger app is horrible (Android). When I first got my Nextbook, I wanted to use it for blogging as well. Alas, it has a terrible battery that drains quickly and can only be used for reading if you want the battery to last somewhat long. I'm slowly turning my iPad into a reading device and just ditching the Nextbook entirely unless I have an ePub file that I don't feel like emailing to my Kindle app on my iPad.

Um, change of topic. Back on track.

So the Blogger app? It is horrible. Awful and simplistic and the computer is so much better. In fact, the WordPress app knocks the Blogger app straight out of blogging orbit and through the atmosphere. It’s still simple, but it’s not as horrible.

iPad doesn't have a blogging app. Okay, okay, I lied. They do have a few blogging apps, but none of them are to my taste and liking and usually screws up my coding big time or another blogger's coding and well, it just goes horribly from there. Then I have to go and fix it all up by going to the actual site. Way too much work in my opinion. I’d rather have scrolling problems.

My comments tend to be short. One thing that I've noticed about blogging through a tablet? My comments tend to be a little short. I mean, I do comment short if I don't have much to say because I haven't read a book and therefore there isn't much to say, but I'm talking about discussions. Discussions are the posts that I love reading about because there is almost always something for me to say (also I am a very wordy person, so I tend to ask myself why I write fewer discussion posts sometimes).

Imagine blogging on a phone. I've come across one blogger (forgot who it was) who actually blogs on their phone! According to this random poll I sent out a few weeks ago, the majority who voted have blogged on a device other than a computer or considered it.

I find this extremely admirable because if I can't handle blogging on my own tablets without wanting to strangle technology, I don't think I could ever blog on my phone (I did have to do it one time and it was an entirely unpleasant experience for me.) Tracfone really needs to invest in an unlimited data plan - I am all for it (I’m not talking about Total Wireless, Straight Talk, and Net10, which all run with the Tracfone company and have unlimited plans). Have I mentioned already the Blogger app on Android is horrible?

Technology is quickly moving into the mobile world with its apps and other shenanigans, but it seems blogging on an app is difficult currently. Do you guys think this will change in the future? Have you tried blogging on a mobile device? If so, what was your experience? If not, would you ever consider it? Be sure to leave your thoughts below, or chat on Twitter (@HannahSophiaLin).

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Friday, May 5, 2017

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Fangirl Friday: The Spring Flood of 2017 + Movie Trailers

I hope your week was better than mine. As you all know, I live in St. Louis, and I have been affected by the flood. It took me forever to commute to school, and I couldn't make it to work. Finals are coming up next week, and my mind is just about to explode. Sophia is lucky that her last day is today.

I'm fine, but the highways are opening up again. The river finally crested and is now receding, so I hope everything goes back to normal by Monday. Enough with my awful weekend, and let's talk about the only two trailers I have in store for you guys!

Marvel's The Defenders

The Dark Tower

BTW.... I'm Mexican American, and I DON'T CELEBRATE CINCO DE MAYO!

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Thursday, May 4, 2017


The Dragons of Nova by Elise Kova | Cover Reveal

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for dissapearing like that! Also, I totally forgot to draft/schedule/post this so thank goodness I wake up early! (*dies a little on the inside*) Anyway, today Elise Kova and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for The Dragons of Nova, which releases July 11, 2017! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to win assigned ARC of the book!!

On to the reveal! 

Title: The Dragons of Nova (Loom Saga #2)
Author: Elise Kova
Pub. Date: July 11, 2017
Publisher: Keymaster Press
Formats: Hardcover, eBook, audiobook
Pages: 488
Find it: Amazon | B&N | TBD | Goodreads

Cvareh returns home to his sky world of Nova with the genius crafter Arianna as his temperamental guest. The mercurial inventor possesses all the Xin family needs to turn the tides of a centuries-old power struggle, but the secrets she harbors must be earned with trust — hard to come by for Ari, especially when it comes to Dragons. On Nova, Ari finds herself closer to exacting vengeance against the traitor who killed everything — and everyone – she once loved. But before Ari can complete her campaign of revenge, the Crimson Court exposes her shadowed past and reveals something even more dangerous sparking between her and Cvareh.
While Nova is embroiled in blood sport and political games, the rebels on Loom prepare for an all-out assault on their Dragon oppressors. Florence unexpectedly finds herself at the forefront of change, as her unique blend of skills — and quick-shooting accuracy — makes her a force to be reckoned with. For the future of her world, she vows vengeance against the Dragons.
Before the rebellion can rise, though,the Guilds must fall.

Exclusive Excerpt!

“They’re coming from the front!” Nora screamed over the crescendo of the engine gaining speed. On cue, the train lurched as an endwig was splattered to a bloody mess on the point of the engine’s pilot.
“Bloody cogs,” Florence cursed. The Vicar Alchemist had sent her to protect the mission as the Revolver, but one of her wasn’t going to be enough. “I’m going to the engine.”
“What are we going to do?” The usually self-sure Nora had the face of a cornered hare.
“You’re going to fight.” Florence passed her a weapon.
“I’ve never shot a gun before.”
“Now is a great time to learn.”
“I’m an Alchemist!”
Seriously, Florence was a breath away from shooting the woman herself. “You’re dead if you don’t adapt! There’s three more bombs exactly like the ones you just used, right there. Just fend them off until the train gets up to speed. But don’t use any other disks.”
Florence had no more time to waste as the train lurched again. They just had to survive until the train reached full speed. For all the endwig were, they certainly couldn’t keep up with a locomotive.
She hoped.
The wind whipped her hair around her face as she stuck her head from the train car. Florence reached out for the ladder to the right of the door, scaling up before another endwig could emerge. She swung up just in time as an explosion nearly blew her foot clean off.
“By the five guilds, you two only had three bombs!” she screamed over the wind, not knowing if they could hear. “Ration them a bit!”
Standing, Florence looked in horror at the tracks ahead. Dozens of endwig lined the path, running eagerly to meet the train. She loaded six canisters at once.
Jumping to the tender, Florence lost her footing atop the moving train car. A nail snapped clean off as she sought a grip that would prevent her from being thrown to certain death. If she fell now, she would never get back on the vessel. She’d be torn limb from limb.
Gritting her teeth, Florence rose to her knees, shooting two endwig in the process. She wedged herself between two grooves on the top of the tender. Blood pooled around her shins as she dug them into the metal for a grip where there was none, but she was stable enough to take aim, and that meant she could open fire.
Five shots down, and Florence reloaded her gun. Endwig came relentlessly like a never-ending nightmare. But the train didn’t gain any more speed. She repeated the process, waiting for the vessel to be like her bullets, whizzing through the night at deadly speeds.
“Anders, now would be a great time to open her up!” she screamed.
There was no reply.
“Anders, Rotus, we need speed, get us out of here faster!”
Five long claws curled around the door of the engine in answer. Florence watched in horror as the white silhouette of an endwig, dotted in the black blood of a Chimera, pulled itself from the engine room. Florence swallowed hard.
They were without Rivet and Raven, stumbling through the darkness, enemies at all sides. She raised her gun slowly, looking fearlessly at the face of death itself. Her revolver was steady over the rocking of the train.
“You think I’m not used to this?” Her mouth curled into a mad grin. “I’ve been fighting my way out of the darkness my whole life. And you’re not going to stop me now.”
Definitely check Elise Kova out if you haven't already! Got to get ready for the dreaded school now, but summer break is nearing which is awesome! Off topic of today's post but what day is your last day of school (if applicable)? And sorry for any font/sizing issues, I did this all in ten minutes (😌).

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo | Review (Well, Gee, Sophia. You Took THAT Long)

Six of Crows Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows #1
Leigh Bardugo
Publication Date: September 29, 2015
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Reviewer: Sophia

Criminal prodigy Kaz Brekker has been offered wealth beyond his wildest dreams. But to claim it, he'll have to pull off a seemingly impossible heist:

Break into the notorious Ice Court
(a military stronghold that has never been breached)

Retrieve a hostage
(who could unleash magical havoc on the world)

Survive long enough to collect his reward
(and spend it)

Kaz needs a crew desperate enough to take on this suicide mission and dangerous enough to get the job done - and he knows exactly who: six of the deadliest outcasts the city has to offer. Together, they just might be unstoppable - if they don't kill each other first.

I’ve finally read this book that everyone keeps talking about and won’t stop talking about (now everyone keeps talking about Crooked Kingdom, among other books), and hellooo this is better than the Grisha trilogy. I didn’t even like Alina or Mal from the first series - if anything, I liked the Darkling (bless his dark heart) and Stormhound (I keep wondering if he’ll appear and he doesn’t seem to have despite the fact there might be mentions of him 🤔).

Yet with Six of Crows… I like maybe 85% of the main characters. I say maybe because my math might actually be off and I’m too lazy to actually pull out a calculator and punch in some numbers to get what might be 0.84999. And it’s 85% because I might hate them later. That’s more than who I liked from the Grisha trilogy. 😱

Six of Crows technically has six main characters: Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper, and Wylan (the odd little bean with no spotlight and therefore no prowling in his mind). All of whom are outcasts sent on a suicidal mission to rescue the creator of a drug that increases a Grisha’s power exponentially yet kills them in the end.

Five of which all have POVs switching around every chapter. I’m not a huge fan of multiple POVs because it can easily get confusing, but Bardugo wrote all five in a way that I’m not confused and running around like a little hamster who lost hold of how to stop its wheel.

The group of six are fantastic as a group - despite their differences, they get along pretty well and have a great dynamic together. They’re even better as pairs: Kaz and Inej, Nina and Matthias, Jesper and Wylan. I am all for witty and snark and just great dialogue. 😍
Jesper knocked his head against the hull and cast his eyes heavenward. “Fine. But if Pekka Rollins kills us all, I’m going to get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.”

Brekker’s lips quirked. “I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.”

“My ghost won’t associate with your ghost,” Matthias said primly.
In case anyone wonders…. I ship Kaz and Inej. They are, simply out, badass and go well together perfectly (apparently my ship doesn’t sail in the sequel, which I’m extremely disappointed about). Kaz is a brilliant leader leading the Dregs with all kinds of tricks and plans up his cane and never backs down from a mission no matter how impossible it may be. Inej is a highly skilled assassin who has a knack for sneaking up on people without them ever knowing. Have I mentioned under their tough exteriors, they’re occasionally softies and it’s cute?

Onto ze world… Six of Crows brings us back to the world of Grisha, onto a small little island off the coast of Ravka and Shu Han, and into a little area called Ketterdam where criminals and misfits of society lurk together. I really loved the drastic change from palaces to a complete polar opposite where one has to constantly watch their back. Throughout the duration of the book, I really liked Bardugo’s descriptions of each place the six travel on their way, especially with how Fjerda has this ice court with a palace virtually impossible to break into with all the top notch security that they have.

Six of Crows can be read regardless of whether or not the Grisha trilogy has been read - there’s excellent character dynamics, great dialogue that might cause a laugh or two, and a cast that come from all kinds of backgrounds.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Reacting to Old Blog Posts - En Garde! GIFs! (AKA The History of BWT in GIFs)

It’s Finals week for ME! I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going through Finals right now or will be in the coming weeks, so I decided to be my procrastinating self with a small amount of blogging motivation for today’s post.

As most of you are probably aware of, we at Bookwyrming Thoughts are about to celebrate our fifth blogoversary (blogiversary?) this coming November.

Which means, I’VE BEEN AROUND ON THE INTERWEBS WITH MY SHENANIGANS FOR HALF A DECADE. My blogging experience is a little more than that if you count my old gaming blog that I later decided to drop because it made blogging a chore. More sappiness from me later on this year.

But anyways. SHENANIGANS. For FIVE years. Blogging for that long makes me feel old sometimes because the best part of new adventures IS the adventure and learning to navigate the blogging world (some things I still need to learn, like actually getting the nerve to request books from publishers…).

Today’s post is inspired by several booktubers who have been around for as long as BWT or longer: we’re going to go through time and react to old blog posts.
Prepare for a GIF filled blog post with a lot of me wondering what in the world was younger me thinking?!
Answer: I have no clue.

2012 - Ah, the Birth

I’d start off with my original website design, but this post is about posts. Old blog posts. The Reacting to my old website designs can be saved for the future, where I can go hide in a proper hole.
Or... a tree.
Meanwhile… all of you can witness my horrible post formatting that I’m too lazy to go through even though I really should.

My first review was Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. My thoughts were very jumbled and I asked questions in my reviews. I pondered on my thoughts sometimes. I cringe.
I told a lot of stories too. In my reviews. And other stuffs.

I made posts about quite a few cover reveals and book trailers that came out, but didn’t sign up for or get invited, so I was really just spreading the news.

I did the bare minimum of memes. My WoW posts were so basic. And I was such a randomly awkward bean in my Sunday Posts - Did I seriously jump right into the meme without saying HI I'M SOPHIA AND I'M A NEW BLOGGER?
And I apparently had a design backfire on me.
Current me to past me
Indenting was a thing.

2013 - The First FULL Year

I started in November 2012, so I'm still considered a 2012 blogger, but my first full year was 2013.

Oh, lookie. My first blog award. I live in sadness because a lot of those bloggers have chosen to leave because blogging wasn't for them or they got too busy. Some I no longer talk to or occasionally talk to. In all honesty... only one is currently blogging actively.
I did a LOT of promotional posts back then. This was the year I was able to sign up as a host for cover reveals and blog tours and all the fun stuff. Ouch on the formatting.

Holy blog tours. Not a day in July went by without a blog tour... or so it looks like.

Oh. Oh, hey. Tumblr. That still exists and it's updated occasionally.

I created and hosted my own reading challenge. It wasn't too original so I tossed it out after the second year.
I got my first ARC in 2013 through Netgalley as well. I think it was a READ NOW book. I found out last year there was a sequel to that book.

P.S. I'm reading the fourth book right now. On Audio.

2014 - The Year of the Full-Fledged Design by Yours Truly

I created my first design, and I apparently had a thing for changing my cursors. I haven't gotten rid of the whole indenting. The design has, of course, changed.

First Tutorial. Well, it's been a long while since I've created one. Come learn how to remove backgrounds in GIMP, booklings.

I think I wrote my first discussion post, DNF review... I started commenting back on blogs this year, too. Oh... and a gaming post! I blog about it rarely, but I continue to do so now. I'll admit they were more creative than my first blog. If you're here to follow my gaming posts, I'm currently working a books based on each world! I honestly can't wait because this has my favorite thing ever involved: BOOKS.
I did some more discussion posts.

I finally got rid of indents in March. Thank god for that.
July must be significant in my blogging years because I had a month where there were an awful lot of books I didn't finish.
Continuing on with firsts... First Movie Review. I decided to watch the movie because the book was too confusing for me.

Lupe and I totally joined forces to fangirl and discuss about books. Those were awful. Please note I haven't kidnapped her from her blog to blog here... YET.

I hosted a Read-A-Thon! Okay, I was one of the hosts for the challenges.

Ella joins me, turning this into a duo blog rather than a solo blog. Ella is no longer blogging here at BWT, but can be found over at Once Upon a Bookish Time.

2015 - Less Posts, Honestly

I blogged less. Significantly less. No big deal. ^^
I... I'm pretty sure Lupe joined us this year. (Lupe: KIDNAPPED me.) Okay, but now that I think about it, what is with this trend of BWT adding on one person each year except 2013? I don't think we'll be adding on anymore people for a good while.
I wondered about males smelling like fruit. 🤔 I guess this was inspired by someone talking about the lack of periods in literature.

Two years later, and I'm still shoving this book down everyone's throats. Hint: It was mentioned this week as well.
That's About Accurate
I stole a review. OF MY OWN. MY OWN. Not anyone else's!
Fangirl Friday began this year! I occasionally pop in and kick Lupe off but she is the go-to person for everything Fangirl Friday.

Some more group posts. I think there was one that Ella and I did in 2014, but I don't remember... my sorry little memory. (I'M SORRY, ELLA)

Novel Newcomers. Probably my happiest accomplishment of blogging.

I joined In Wonderland.

I think this is the year I also found my blogging voice. I'm more expressive, and I use a lot more GIFs in my blog posts. And well... I'm less embarrassed when I look at posts from this year and going forward.

2016 - How About Let's Just Skip This

I'm getting a little real here. Less reacting to old blog posts.

I'm not a huge fan of 2016. I started off with a lot of reviews and blog posts - okay, not as much as when I first started but I did a lot more posts in early 2016 than later on. After reviewing The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow, I literally drop away from the blogging world.

May was just really bad for me and it continues through June - the only time in my blogging career that I have ever reached single digits except for April 2015. Technically, Lupe took over the blog around the middle or end of April for me while I did my thing.

July doesn't get much better - I actually left In Wonderland despite the fact I would have loved to stay on board.

Neither does August since a lot of those posts were from Mari, Kaeley, and Anelise. Anelise eventually gets kidnapped permanently or until she chooses to leave or the blog is no longer around. I plan on being around for awhile.

AND I GET TO WATCH ANELISE GROW (blogging wise). 😭😭😭 Those are sappy tears.

September I slowly started coming back to normal blogging routine, though I didn't fare too well, honestly. October got a lot better because I actually started keeping up with posts again. Of course, due to earlier in the year, I'm still playing catch up even now.

Honestly? 2016 in both blogging and real life (primarily the latter) can be summed up in one GIF for me.

2017 - The Here and Now

Ah, well, we're here. Hello. Hi.
And thus resulting in me crawling back into the study cave.

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