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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Reacting to Old Blog Posts - En Garde! GIFs! (AKA The History of BWT in GIFs)

It’s Finals week for ME! I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going through Finals right now or will be in the coming weeks, so I decided to be my procrastinating self with a small amount of blogging motivation for today’s post.

As most of you are probably aware of, we at Bookwyrming Thoughts are about to celebrate our fifth blogoversary (blogiversary?) this coming November.

Which means, I’VE BEEN AROUND ON THE INTERWEBS WITH MY SHENANIGANS FOR HALF A DECADE. My blogging experience is a little more than that if you count my old gaming blog that I later decided to drop because it made blogging a chore. More sappiness from me later on this year.

But anyways. SHENANIGANS. For FIVE years. Blogging for that long makes me feel old sometimes because the best part of new adventures IS the adventure and learning to navigate the blogging world (some things I still need to learn, like actually getting the nerve to request books from publishers…).

Today’s post is inspired by several booktubers who have been around for as long as BWT or longer: we’re going to go through time and react to old blog posts.
Prepare for a GIF filled blog post with a lot of me wondering what in the world was younger me thinking?!
Answer: I have no clue.

2012 - Ah, the Birth

I’d start off with my original website design, but this post is about posts. Old blog posts. The Reacting to my old website designs can be saved for the future, where I can go hide in a proper hole.
Or... a tree.
Meanwhile… all of you can witness my horrible post formatting that I’m too lazy to go through even though I really should.

My first review was Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. My thoughts were very jumbled and I asked questions in my reviews. I pondered on my thoughts sometimes. I cringe.
I told a lot of stories too. In my reviews. And other stuffs.

I made posts about quite a few cover reveals and book trailers that came out, but didn’t sign up for or get invited, so I was really just spreading the news.

I did the bare minimum of memes. My WoW posts were so basic. And I was such a randomly awkward bean in my Sunday Posts - Did I seriously jump right into the meme without saying HI I'M SOPHIA AND I'M A NEW BLOGGER?
And I apparently had a design backfire on me.
Current me to past me
Indenting was a thing.

2013 - The First FULL Year

I started in November 2012, so I'm still considered a 2012 blogger, but my first full year was 2013.

Oh, lookie. My first blog award. I live in sadness because a lot of those bloggers have chosen to leave because blogging wasn't for them or they got too busy. Some I no longer talk to or occasionally talk to. In all honesty... only one is currently blogging actively.
I did a LOT of promotional posts back then. This was the year I was able to sign up as a host for cover reveals and blog tours and all the fun stuff. Ouch on the formatting.

Holy blog tours. Not a day in July went by without a blog tour... or so it looks like.

Oh. Oh, hey. Tumblr. That still exists and it's updated occasionally.

I created and hosted my own reading challenge. It wasn't too original so I tossed it out after the second year.
I got my first ARC in 2013 through Netgalley as well. I think it was a READ NOW book. I found out last year there was a sequel to that book.

P.S. I'm reading the fourth book right now. On Audio.

2014 - The Year of the Full-Fledged Design by Yours Truly

I created my first design, and I apparently had a thing for changing my cursors. I haven't gotten rid of the whole indenting. The design has, of course, changed.

First Tutorial. Well, it's been a long while since I've created one. Come learn how to remove backgrounds in GIMP, booklings.

I think I wrote my first discussion post, DNF review... I started commenting back on blogs this year, too. Oh... and a gaming post! I blog about it rarely, but I continue to do so now. I'll admit they were more creative than my first blog. If you're here to follow my gaming posts, I'm currently working a books based on each world! I honestly can't wait because this has my favorite thing ever involved: BOOKS.
I did some more discussion posts.

I finally got rid of indents in March. Thank god for that.
July must be significant in my blogging years because I had a month where there were an awful lot of books I didn't finish.
Continuing on with firsts... First Movie Review. I decided to watch the movie because the book was too confusing for me.

Lupe and I totally joined forces to fangirl and discuss about books. Those were awful. Please note I haven't kidnapped her from her blog to blog here... YET.

I hosted a Read-A-Thon! Okay, I was one of the hosts for the challenges.

Ella joins me, turning this into a duo blog rather than a solo blog. Ella is no longer blogging here at BWT, but can be found over at Once Upon a Bookish Time.

2015 - Less Posts, Honestly

I blogged less. Significantly less. No big deal. ^^
I... I'm pretty sure Lupe joined us this year. (Lupe: KIDNAPPED me.) Okay, but now that I think about it, what is with this trend of BWT adding on one person each year except 2013? I don't think we'll be adding on anymore people for a good while.
I wondered about males smelling like fruit. 🤔 I guess this was inspired by someone talking about the lack of periods in literature.

Two years later, and I'm still shoving this book down everyone's throats. Hint: It was mentioned this week as well.
That's About Accurate
I stole a review. OF MY OWN. MY OWN. Not anyone else's!
Fangirl Friday began this year! I occasionally pop in and kick Lupe off but she is the go-to person for everything Fangirl Friday.

Some more group posts. I think there was one that Ella and I did in 2014, but I don't remember... my sorry little memory. (I'M SORRY, ELLA)

Novel Newcomers. Probably my happiest accomplishment of blogging.

I joined In Wonderland.

I think this is the year I also found my blogging voice. I'm more expressive, and I use a lot more GIFs in my blog posts. And well... I'm less embarrassed when I look at posts from this year and going forward.

2016 - How About Let's Just Skip This

I'm getting a little real here. Less reacting to old blog posts.

I'm not a huge fan of 2016. I started off with a lot of reviews and blog posts - okay, not as much as when I first started but I did a lot more posts in early 2016 than later on. After reviewing The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow, I literally drop away from the blogging world.

May was just really bad for me and it continues through June - the only time in my blogging career that I have ever reached single digits except for April 2015. Technically, Lupe took over the blog around the middle or end of April for me while I did my thing.

July doesn't get much better - I actually left In Wonderland despite the fact I would have loved to stay on board.

Neither does August since a lot of those posts were from Mari, Kaeley, and Anelise. Anelise eventually gets kidnapped permanently or until she chooses to leave or the blog is no longer around. I plan on being around for awhile.

AND I GET TO WATCH ANELISE GROW (blogging wise). 😭😭😭 Those are sappy tears.

September I slowly started coming back to normal blogging routine, though I didn't fare too well, honestly. October got a lot better because I actually started keeping up with posts again. Of course, due to earlier in the year, I'm still playing catch up even now.

Honestly? 2016 in both blogging and real life (primarily the latter) can be summed up in one GIF for me.

2017 - The Here and Now

Ah, well, we're here. Hello. Hi.
And thus resulting in me crawling back into the study cave.

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