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Thursday, June 1, 2017

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Joce @ Write Through the Night | Novel Newcomers

Happy Wednesday! I kind of passed on Monday because it was Memorial Day, and well... Tuesday, there was a post for a blog tour. You guys should totally check out Sara Wolf's new book because Isis and Jack are CUTE. Also, trigger warning: after effects of rape.

And well... I didn't exactly have a computer with Internet access yesterday.

On a brighter note though... it's a little past halfway to the weekend! Today's blogger is Joce from Write Through the Night, with some tips on fitting reading into your very busy schedules (assuming you are busy, of course, but it's summer! But hey, you could be busy this summer/winter, too.).

Read Better: A Book Blogger’s Guide to Fitting Reading Into Your Schedule

If you’re anything like me, you have a crazy busy schedule and there’s never enough time to sit down and read.  I used to find this annoying, whine about it, and proceed to finish about 20 books in a year, but finally I’ve figured out the perfect system so that this year, I’m on track to complete a grand total of 36 books.  THAT’S AN EXTRA 16 BOOKS!!! ALMOST DOUBLE LAST YEAR!!

Today, I’m going to share with you exactly how I managed to increase my reading pile by that many books, while maintaining a busy schedule of school, work, sports, blogging, family, and actual socialization every once in awhile.  And, to make it even better, I’ve narrowed it down into just 5 easy steps, that you can take out of order and follow at your choosing.

1. Start an Audiobook
This has already contributed to 3 extra books so far this year, and the best part is that you can listen at times that it would be impossible for you to read.  I listen to my audiobook on the bus rides home from school, while cleaning my room, and while getting ready for the day.  Some people even listen in the shower!! These are times that you are normally either listening to music or working in silence, and a book can easily be added without decreasing productivity or changing your daily routine.  On average, you’re going to spend about an hour a day getting ready for work, getting ready for bed, and cleaning up or doing other household tasks.  If you drive to work, you may even get an additional hour round trip.  All of this time really adds up, since the average book only takes about 20 hours, that’s (about) 20 extra books a year, and I’m giving you some wiggle room.

2. Read on Your Phone
This is by far the best way for me personally to increase my reading production.  You can download the Kindle app if you have Kindle (or even if you don’t) or the Overdrive app.  Overdrive connects you with a local library-- all you have to do is input your library card and then you’re good to go!! This is a source of free electronic books and audiobooks which is incredible.  With a book on your phone, you can whip it out in between classes, in awkward social situations, or anytime you would otherwise be scrolling through Twitter.  This year, I’ve finished 4 books on my phone that I likely wouldn’t have read otherwise.

3. Make Time Before Bed
Reading before bed is one of the most relaxing things ever.  It will help you get a better night’s sleep, and help you check more books off of your TBR! I always read before bed, even if I only have 3 minutes, because over time that makes a big difference.  Most days, I try to find 20 minutes before bed to read, since it relaxes me and helps me sleep better.  There’s always the times where I’m so exhausted I can’t keep my eyes open to read, though!!

4. Commercial Reading
This is by far the least productive of my tips, but I decided that I’d include it nonetheless.  While watching TV (obviously this doesn’t work for Netflix or a recorded show) mute the commercials and break out a book.  I find that I rarely do this because it’s difficult and I get distracted, but it has helped me read faster on a few occasions.

5. Read Multiple Books (All at Once)
And for the final, and most controversial, of my strategies.  Not everyone can read multiple books all at the same time, but if you can, I HIGHLY suggest it.  Especially if you’re reading a slower book that you won’t be in the mood for all the time.  I read about 4 at a time because there’s always one that I’m in the mood for.  Since I read such a wide variety, I rarely hit a reading slump this way since even if I read 4 YA books in a row, I’m actually reading a historical fiction, classic, and thriller at the same time.  Reading slumps can KILL you in your pursuit of reading goals, and this is my favorite way to avoid it.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help you fit in more reading time over the course of the year!!! Thank you so much to Sophia for allowing me to participate in Novel Newcomers, and thank you all for reading this post!!

What are your suggestions for increasing reading time? Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks and reading on your phone? Can you read more than one book at once? Let us know!

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