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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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Sam @ Spines In A Line | Novel Newcomers

Helloooo and Happy Wednesday! I figured having a Novel Newcomers post squished between two reviews might be a good change rather than on Monday (also because this week is packed with more posts than the average week).

This week's Novel Newcomer is Sam from Spines in a Line.

The Best Book Recommendation I’ve Ever Received

by Sam @ Spines in a Line

Hello everyone, and thank you to Sophia for including me in Novel Newcomers! Today I thought I’d talk about book recommendations as these seem to play a pretty big part of the book blogging community. When I first started my blog, I thought I’d be able to make a sizable dent in my TBR but instead that list has grown as I’ve received more recommendations than I know what to do with!

All these recs can be overwhelming at times but sometimes you’ll come across a book that really was the perfect fit for you. This was the case for me, way back when in elementary school. In those days, we’d have a weekly trip to the school library and I had had my eye on one book in particular for some time so I was looking forward to this visit. Unfortunately, my plans were foiled as another student had already checked it out so it was back to the shelves for me.

I think at this point I may have been holding the class up because my teacher came over to me to start offering suggestions (the girl who checked it out even came over to apologize! I didn’t feel that upset over it but maybe I looked it :P). She recommended I try Margaret Buffie, a local author from my hometown who’s written a number of paranormal novels. I took out The Dark Garden on a whim and we all got to return to class.
Today, I have no memory of what that first book was (I never ended up reading it) but Margaret Buffie has become one of my favourite authors and The Dark Garden, my absolute favourite book! I went on to read a lot more of her books, other ghost stories as well as her fantasy series, The Watcher’s Quest, and they’re all books I’ve enjoyed going back to over the years. I’ve even used her books for some of my school projects and been in contact with her over email to learn more about her writing process.

I don’t know if I would have happened across Buffie’s books without my teacher’s recommendation so many years ago but I’m forever grateful for that introduction! Some recommendations really do make all the difference!

Do you have one recommendation that has really stood out for you? Or perhaps you’re on the other side of this exchange: what’s your favourite book to recommend to others?

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