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Monday, July 24, 2017


The Great Spyre! Also Say Hello to Sophia IceHeart (Myth + Ice) | Questing Shenanigans

Hellooo wizards, and Happy Monday!

Time for a new edition of Questing Shenanigans, in an attempt to keep the blog more active in terms of my posts. I'm still planning this books based on spiral worlds, but that's not exactly coming too soon. Or maybe it will. I don't know yet, honestly.

Anyways... lately I've been questing on my Myth, Sophia Legendheart because I got a little bored of my balance trekking through Azteca slowly but surely. (It's kind of annoying if you ask me. Azteca is great and all, but gosh, it's longgg.)

Just last week she finally got through Dragonspyre, with some really cool screenshots to add to it all.
On the way! I loved riding a dragon to get to Malistaire (the final boss of the first storyline).
I actually had the honor of going to Malistaire twice - the first time by myself through Team Up and the second time helping out a friend because I knew she was right behind me and we just didn't end up together fighting him. This shot actually had to take twice since the first one was awful.
But eh... maybe it wasn't too bad.

I also gave LegendHeart an entire makeover... after some bad/good luck on packs (yes, I know, waste of money, but I'm also not online as much as members, so... crowns I go.)

It'll be awhile before I decide to refill on crowns. (Or they're on sale big time, but even then... it's wise if I wait awhile. They're on sale now.)
I REMEMBERED THE RIGHT KEYBOARD SHORTCUT NOW. (I did get a permanent mount. That's a plus. Along with a lot of fire gear. Is this a sign that my next wizard should be fire?)

LegendHeart is taking a detour in Grizzleheim and Wintertusk because she's level 44 and that's probably not a good idea to start Celestia at such a low level.

Shortly after, I ended up creating an Ice Wizard, highest in health and resist, not so great when it comes to damage. Meet Sophia IceHeart, my little baby Ice Wizard.
The other two are just chilling in their seats. IceHeart made it to the second part of Krokotopia, but I decided to give her a rest to level my Myth to level 50 or 60 (maybe more) before leveling my Ice again.

But here's a quick screenshot of her meeting a frost giant.
Yeah... I forgot the shortcut too. Oops. This always happens.

That's all for this edition of Questing Shenanigans - now how do I properly close without sounding cliche? (Last time I had a cool minotaur fist pump.)

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Sophia Waterheart is one of Sophia's main characters and is technically a retired wizard (she pops up here and there), even though she is still in the Twizard community. Contrary to what many people think, her character does not have green hair. She comes up with the occasional gaming post, but has ultimately decided her true passion lies in sharing her thoughts on things related to books. She may or may not consider finding a replacement.