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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


5 Signs of Being A Balance Wizard For Too Long (I Mean, It Happens to Everyone, Too)

Hellooo wizards (and witches, goblins, and all)!

It's been a long while since there's been a post other than Questing Shenanigans and general wizardly updates, but here I am, with a different post!

Most of the wizard community (at least the ones that know me) are probably aware I have a Balance wizard - trekking through Azteca currently, which is a long and tedious process I really dislike doing alone.

Side note: I've gotten bored and started running around the spiral with my myth wizard, according to the past few questing shenanigans (less of those when school starts).

Balance is an interesting school compared to the other six schools wizards can choose from when they start - there's a lot of things others have that Balance doesn't, or vice versa.

Consistently Forgetting Converts

Sometimes - actually, often - I forget to put in my converts. In a lower level world like Krokotopia and Wizard City, I'm perfectly fine and can get away without converts safely. But when I get into worlds like Dragonspyre (recently finished) and beyond, I'm pretty screwed if I forget my converts and don't put secondary schools in my deck.

The perks of being a Balance is I can still solo since we get a few other school spells as well (Spectral Blast, Hydra, Chimera).

Side note: It's a very long process.

How Does One Convert, and Am I Doing This Right?

Sometimes the questing teams I'm on likes to tease me about how I suck horribly at converting… because Balance has no converts whatsoever and converts operate backward.

My brain does not function backward. It treks forward and onward unless I'm dealing with math, in which I promptly give up after a pitiful three tries and guess my answer in the hopes I'm right (still did decent on that part of the ACT.)

Oh Right. They Shield.

Balance does NOT have a shield (although I did see a treasure card version of shields specifically for the Balance school) except for Tower Shield, which is universal and any spell can take it out.

School bosses typically have shields for schools opposite them that would take away more of their health than what the spell would usually hit for. For a good week of messing around on my myth wizard again, I often forgot to switch to a storm wand so I could take away their shields without using my blades or traps.


Balance has a few heals (I think two versions) that I personally prefer using over Sprite from the Life school - there are more chances of someone surviving the battle than dying the next round (I still, have to hope they survive).

Other schools don't have their own version of a healing spell, which is actually why my balance wizard is the only wizard who will have spritely and get away without unicorn or fairy (she has good resist and health too).

No One Begs You For Blades or Traps

Everyone can relate to this in some way or form - if we're not the ones getting asked, we hear someone ask while prowling by casually on our mounts to the next destination. For the longest time after being a Balance wizard, I ALWAYS had someone begging me to blade or trap them nonstop. (Doing so constantly is the quickest way to get me running away to another realm.)

Let's be honest: I hate balance blades. They're generic, so any spell can be used with it.

Do you have a balance character? Do you notice/forget anything else that wasn't mentioned here?

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Sophia Waterheart

Sophia Waterheart is one of Sophia's main characters and is technically a retired wizard (she pops up here and there), even though she is still in the Twizard community. Contrary to what many people think, her character does not have green hair. She comes up with the occasional gaming post, but has ultimately decided her true passion lies in sharing her thoughts on things related to books. She may or may not consider finding a replacement.