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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Emaan @ Bookdom and Cassie @ Rants and Raves of a Bibliophile | Novel Newcomers

Ah, yes. School has finally started, and I'm on campus 60% of my life for another year, so I am at a computer with internet access.
Okay, let me be honest here: I did get sick two weeks ago. It was miserable, it carried over to the next week, and I'm still feeling the after effects, but I can operate like a proper college student. I'm behind yet again, help me afjlkd;s. As if I weren't already behind. If you're a part of this year's Novel Newcomers, I did NOT forget you. I promise.

This week's Novel Newcomers are Emaan from Bookdom and Cassie from Rants and Raves of a Bibliophile (you two have great blog names).

Fun fact: The evil question making bloggers cry hath returneddd. (I love that question. I'm definitely bringing that back next year. Muahaha. Who's next?)

Outside of blogging and reading, what other interests do you have?
Cassie: Other than my full-time job, I mainly read, blog, and take care of my poodle Josephine. I do like to take road trips, visit unique landmarks and bookstores, and you can often find me binge watching shows on Netflix.

Sophia: You are officially my go to person for unique landmarks.

Emaan: I love to watch movies and TV [shows]. I also enjoy baking but most of the times I end up making a huge mess.

Sophia: I mean, I'm banned from the kitchen, but I do like making good food.

What is your most unusual accomplishment?
Cassie: It’s not very unusual, but I am very proud that I wrote a thesis on the depiction of women in Steampunk Literature, and I was sick during the entire process of writing it!

Emaan: I don't think I have one. Or at least I can't think of one.

What is your favorite food?
Cassie: My local Indian restaurant’s Chicken Jalfrezi. I could eat it every single day.

Emaan: I’m not really into food (I know, shocking). But if I have to choose one, I like spicy food and I’m from Pakistan so I absolutely adore the food here.

Sophia solemnly swears she is up to no good. Name three villains you would totally conspire mischief with and why.
Cassie: Negan from The Walking Dead series, because I would not want to be on his bad side. The Darkling, because he’s just one of the characters you can’t help but love. He is as brooding as a Victorian male character, which makes me love him even more. And last, but not least, Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes. I mean you cannot hang out with a better villain and brilliant mastermind than Moriarty.

Emaan: Sebastian from TMI, Moriarty from Sherlock and Milverton from Sherlock. They all are just too smart and conspiring with them would be so much fun.

Sophia: Moriarty! Yes!

Who are some of your favorite musicians that are not well known but you would love for everyone to know about?
Cassie: Oh, I would definitely tell people to check out the following bands/musicians: The Spill Canvas, Anberlin, Forgive Durden, Mikah Young, and Elliott Smith. They all have such powerful voices and meaningful lyrics.

Emaan: I don’t think I have a favorite musician that isn't well known. I’m madly in love with Twenty-One Pilots. Their music is just too good.

What book world would you prefer to get stuck in if you had to choose?
Cassie: Oh, definitely the Harry Potter series. I just want to be a witch, attend Hogwarts, and hang out [with] Luna and Hermione, hahaha.

Emaan: The Mortal Instruments. I adore that world so much. Clare has done an incredible job putting everything together. I would love to live there. Please take me there.

In the unfortunate tragedy you have to kill your favorite fictional boyfriend/girlfriend, who would it be? (THE QUESTION HAS COMEEE. MUAHAHA.)
Cassie: It would be Arin from The Winner’s Trilogy. WHY IS THIS A QUESTION? *cries uncontrollably*

Sophia: Because I am an evil little minion.

Emaan: Man! This one is hard. Why would you make me do this?!!

Magnus Bane. I love him so much. *inserts heart emojis*

But it’ll be very hard. I don't think I have whatever it takes to kill someone, fictional or not.

Sophia: Oh, god, no. I'd never ask anyone to someone in reality.

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