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Friday, September 1, 2017

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Fangirl Friday: Hurricane Harvey + Heathers TV Show?

It's labor day weekend, that means its a three day weekend! Also... Happy September first! Fall is coming and I can't wait for the temperature to drop. Yes, I love the fall/winter weather.

Let's get serious.

Last week, Hurricane Harvey struck Texas and the images and videos that were shown were shocking. Nobody wanted this storm to be as bad as Katrina. Unfortunately, Harvey caused tons of damage and I can't handle seeing all of these photos. It honestly breaks my heart knowing good people have died during this horrible storm, and people are left with nothing. I felt so bad that I donated money in order to help in some way shape or form. I encourage you guys to donate as well if you can.

I'm happy to see celebrities coming together and donating to help those who were affected by Harvey. Houston is not the only city affected by Harvey. There are others cities as well, but it seems that the media is only focusing on one city. Pray for Texas and even Louisiana cause they are getting affected as well.

Have you seen the classic movie called, Heathers? I haven't, but I have seen Clueless and Mean Girls so don't kill me just yet for not having seen this one.

A teaser trailer has surfaced and according to some die hard fans, IT SUCKS.

See for yourselves about this trailer and tell me your thoughts below on how you feel about this upcoming TV show!

HARRY POTTER READING UPDATE: If you haven't heard, I'm reading HP for the first time and I'm halfway done with the first one! Keep a look out for a review soon!

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