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Monday, October 23, 2017


Dipping Toes in PvP Again and Wizard Photography Fun | Questing Shenanigans

Honestly I should just change the name of this occasional little thing and call it “Wizardly” Shenanigans rather than “Questing” Shenanigans because then I can cover all aspects of my wizardly life rather than chatter about questing, questing, and more questing.

That could get boring unless I start doing walkthroughs on YouTube and make commentary (which I will no doubt have…). Wiztubers and booktubers are brave souls for venturing into video shenanigans - I am not a brave little soul.

So it’s been awhile since I last did Questing Shenanigans (because August I decided to go pour my heart out into reading before school actually started) and not much happened in terms of leveling. My ice is still initiate (okay, she leveled up one), my myth is still master (okay, she also leveled up one), and my balance didn’t make any progress. Don't be so shocked. It's hard to level up there when you solo 95% of the time.

But let's be honest: the moment this post is live, I'll probably be somewhat ahead because that's how I work my blogging life. Being somewhat ahead and behind at the exact same time.

Oh please. Azteca is boring despite the aesthetics. Especially when your schedule says, “I AM A VERY BAD QUESTING BUDDY.” AKA I don’t go online often, and if I’m on during the school year, I’m probably doing daily assignments and checking plants before trekking down the scholarly path. Sometimes I go on a few quests.

On Sophia Waterheart

No leveling, no stepping foot into Azteca, spent 99.9% of the time doing daily assignments and gardening.

But… I did decide to try out PvP for a little bit after a long while. First try: dead. Second try: also dead, after two hours and many aura switching and dispels and really everything one doesn't like with PvP (and I mean a lot), but the team I got placed with make a good team (and we’ll be a boss at questing but I’m 88, someone else is 82 and the other one is 68).

We’re scattered questing wise. (BUT AZTECA IS LONG AND IN MY BRAIN THAT’S CODE FOR BORING. Also code for lonely, which is probably why it’s boring.)

Did I mention I make a very bad questing buddy? (If you can handle my scarcity, that’ll be great.)

There were no pics because I prefer asking people if they’re okay with being part of a screenshot and that means revealing I’m a blogger which means revealing…

Long story short, wizards are curious and ask questions. Some might assume I'm a fansite owner and no, I'm not. You heard it from me officially, folks.

On Sophia Legendheart

Leveled once (yay, new gear), made little progress in Grizzleheim, spent 99.9% of the time doing daily assignments and gardening (well, she finally got her defense jewel when she gets to level 85 though…).

Then I got a little bored of Grizzleheim and decided to do some side quests before I venture into Celestia like a good little wizard.

(I’m sure I’ll do fine on my own - I just choose not to.)

Have some pics of Kensington Park, though:
Frog is so gross but it's an AoE so...
Earthquake is much better.   
Also there are so many missed photo opportunities I never noticed before! O_O
The moral of this photo is to never press that X button to interact with anything until you press CTRL + G, because you never know when a photo op will appear.

On Sophia Iceheart

I am not a brave soul to venture into the second part of Krokotopia, so I only logged on to hover in game. (Also I think I’m more focused on my myth and learning the mythical ways before continuing on ice? Or maybe I want to at least get Legendheart to 60 before continuing. Ugh, I don't know.)

Other Wizardly Shenanigans

This is exactly why I should rename this to Wizardly Shenanigans and not questing shenanigans.

Remember that reading places in the spiral post I wanted to make? Yeah, it’s still in progress. Thankfully, Mari volunteered her library as tribute for photos (yes, the Mari who did the trial run and did not get kidnapped like Anelise). Anelise came willingly, so that's okay, right?

Okay, but I got the chance to chat about random things with Edward Lifegem and Autumn Dreamwalker (with the occasional Mari) in game for a good hour or so. (We haven’t spoken in years in game!)
  • Edward's Halloween Run is this Saturday!
I probably mentioned a bookish feature based off of Wizard101 worlds once or twice, but there’s a name! And a smol notebook as a master list! With notes! And two graphics! (Although simple.)

Honestly why did I not think of this back in my early blogging days.

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Sophia Waterheart

Sophia Waterheart is one of Sophia's main characters and is technically a retired wizard (she pops up here and there), even though she is still in the Twizard community. Contrary to what many people think, her character does not have green hair. She comes up with the occasional gaming post, but has ultimately decided her true passion lies in sharing her thoughts on things related to books. She may or may not consider finding a replacement.