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Friday, October 6, 2017

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Fangirl Friday: Las Vegas + Restore Me Cover Reveal

It seems like I'm starting these posts with some sad stuff before we go onto other news. I can't just fangirl about books and movies if I don't state the important things that happened that week first.

I have no words and I don't think there are words in the dictionary that could describe how I feel about the tragic event in Las Vegas. It was plain awful and I just have no words. No words as to how I can help to fix this. I know we can do better than this.

I can only offer my prayers and my thoughts to those who passed away during the incident and to those who were affected by this. #StayStrongVegas

To end this very short post....


If not, then you honestly should stop reading this post and go to your local library. You better check out those books and start reading it to catch up on the awesome stuff you are missing out on! If you have read them then, we should be best friends.

Mafi has stated that she will be releasing three more books and EW exclusively released the cover reveal for the fourth book called Restore Me, that will be released on March 2018, on Wednesday.


Also, they released a small excerpt which you should definitely read by clicking here. I am happy. I am anxious. I can't breathe, because I've never realized how much I needed this and how God has blessed us with this beautiful cover. The excerpt was so beautiful and awful at the same time! Beautiful, because Warner and Kenji was in the excerpt duh. Awful, because its ONLY AN EXCERPT AND I WANT MORE RIGHT NOW. HOW DO YOU GUYS EXPECT ME TO SURVIVE UNTIL MARCH TO GET MY HAND ON THIS BOOK? HOW?!

In all honesty, you have to read the entire series in order to understand the beauty of this world Mafi created. Let's hope I can survive until march. PLEASE pray for me and my sanity.

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