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Friday, October 27, 2017


Fangirl Friday: Sports Edition + Dora Action Movie?

The week before Halloween is filled with sports related news which is way far out of the norm for me. I'm not going to do anything on Halloween night other than studying, because my professor thought it was a glorious idea of moving the exam from Monday (equally as bad of an idea) to Wednesday, the day AFTER Halloween. She should've moved it to Friday. My entire class and I are set up for failure. Not a surprise there.

Let's get excited for finally finding out who will perform during next year's Super Bowl Half Time Show.


You can either be happy about this (like me) or be salty about this (like the rest of the world), but I'm on both sides on this. In case you live under a box, please google Super Bowl 2004 and you would find out. I can't explain this myself, because for one, I was like 8 at that time and didn't watch that on TV when it happened, and two, I don't want people getting mad at me for trying to explain this fiasco. All in all, I love Justin Timberlake, but he better bring Janet on stage, too.

Any baseball fans?
The World Series are going on right now, and let me say I'm happy for the Astros. Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers are tied right now and soon we will find out who will win the whole thing. Tell me down below in the comments telling me which team you are rooting for! I'm team Astros, because I want Houston to win something after the tragic hurricane that crushed part of their city this year.

I learned English watching Dora The Explorer as a child and now I'm going to soon be able to see her in a live action movie. Michael Bay, director of the famous Transformer franchise movies, is going to direct it. Will we see some blood and gore or will we see Optimus Prime make a cameo? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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