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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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We're Taking the Harry Potter Characters to a Haunted House | Top Ten Tuesday

What originally started with ten characters from completely different books resulted in most characters from the same world and series, so we decided to go all out and choose from one series entirely.

Honestly though: we're blaming Lupe. She's reading Harry Potter. She's now a Harry Potter fan. Sophia's job is complete. Okay, but SOPHIA started it. Whoops. #sorrynotsorry
We're also going to be linking this up to this week's Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, which is a Halloween freebie (yay!)

Sophia's Picks

Hermione Granger - If there's one person who can probably keep a cool head while we're all in a haunted house, it's probably Hermione. Lupe wanted her at first, but I slipped in and called both her and Ron before she could. Muahaha. #toobadforyou

Ron Weasley - Someone who pulls fewer pranks than the twins but still has funny moments. He'll keep things lighthearted for sure.
In case anyone wonders what some of Sophia's favorite scenes are.
Dolores Umbridge - If anything sinister happens, Umbridge is our sacrifice. Lupe and I had this entire chat about her, and she wanted to get rid of her early. I told her no, of course. She also wanted to choose Umbridge, but Miss. Overly Pink Lady doesn't appear until Order of the Phoenix and Lupe hasn't read it yet.

AHEM, I've already met this chick, thank you VERY MUCH. Halfway through book 5! - Lupe

Sophia: HIJACKED! o_o
Honestly, my group will attract trouble because she's super pink. This might be why she's the first we're getting rid of. This is exactly why I chose Umbridge. One must include an enemy when sinister things might happen for the purposes of sacrificing them later. Keep your enemies close, right?

Lupe's Picks

Sophia, you think your group is gonna attract trouble? I got Lord Voldemort and that's enough trouble.

Assuming he doesn't Avada Kedavra you, Loops. ~The Coblogger Named Sophia
Voldemort - I've always known that I was gonna choose this dude to go with me to the haunted house since the moment Sophia told me we were gonna do this post. I mean... who wouldn't? I get scared easily and by having Voldemort along, he would manage to scare the living daylights out of these actors and I wouldn't get scared. See? Voldemort isn't so bad. He can be useful.

OR the actors think he's an actor. This could be funny.

Percy Weasley - My goodness does Percy get on my nerves. This know-it-all is the first person whom I will shove in front of me when some actor tries to grab me. #sorrynotsorry

I had a Siriusly rough time as to whom I have to take next and I realized I needed someone enjoyable to take along with me! (Hehehe Did you like my pun/hint?)

EXCUSE ME. I am the Pun Queen. I demand you do not take my title. ~Sophia
Sirius Black - I loved this dude from the start. I actually want this dude to be my godfather. He cracks me up and his determination to keep Harry safe is something that would truly help during a haunted house adventure! Besides, my boy Sirius can kick some butt when there needs to be some kicking.

Anelise's Picks

Haha! Well here are my picks, but I don't have anyone fun like Voldy (now if only I had called him first...)

Draco Malfoy - Draco has always been my favorite character when I read the series, so naturally I had to pick him. #betterthanpotter #sorrynotsorry Also, I could just see somebody trying to scare Draco and he goes "Wait until my father hears about this".
Fred and George Weasley - Okay, but can't you imagine the twins pranking the actors until they run away scared or something? I don't know, I just think they would have so much fun in a haunted house.

They're not fun? Lies you tell. Secretly you want to see what havoc they will cause. ~Sophia

Severus Snape - Well okay, I was originally planning on taking Luna Lovegood but as I was typing Draco up, I thought I should take Snape instead of Luna. I don't know why though. Nothing against Luna! But, I don't know... I kind of want to see what Snape would do if he visited a haunted house.

Are you going to a haunted house? Which fictional characters would you bring? Also Voldemort or Umbridge?

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