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Monday, October 30, 2017


#Wizard101 Halloween + Crab Alley (Myth) | Questing Shenanigans

Happy Early Halloween!

There might be an official name for this, but I have no idea what the name actually is.

And considering the fact I took some screenshots in Wizard101 a few weeks ago when KI spookified the game a little... I might as well make another post. Keyword: a few weeks ago. I have been procrastinating. But last week's post was about a month ago. And the next one might be from last week's adventures or whenever I went on... you get the gist.

I haven't gotten around to changing the header because life is just so cruel but mainly because I'm very very tired and just waking up feels painful but I'm getting around to it! I hope.

It's Monday, and I completely forgot this was going up today, so here I am, making a very late post. IT WASN'T ME YOU DIDN'T SEE IT AND IT CAME UP AT MIDNIGHT, NOT IN THE AFTERNOON.

It's been years since I last did the quests from Jack Hallow, but this time (since I'm playing with Wizard Photography) I managed to get some shots of chasing ghosts!
They floated right past me.

After some Halloween shenanigans, I took my myth through the beginning of Crab Alley (I'm still in the progress of it, slowly but surely). I honestly thought I took enough Halloween photos. Ah, well.
You'd think by now I would actually learn not to trust pressing X before I press Ctrl + G. I haven't learned my lesson, unfortunately. #SophiaIsFailing
Still failing, of course. (I have chances on my ice, right?)
Bird's eye views are super cool, in my opinion.
Sometimes there are silver chests and I end up getting caught in plants after I finish said chests. #funnythingsthathappentosophia

And finally... a photo for the pure sake of photos and not "OMG I really should have not pressed X before Ctrl + G!"

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Sophia Waterheart

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