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Monday, November 13, 2017


Great Reading Places Around the Spiral (Pirate101 Was Totally Fair Game)

Other than steering clear from the Commons of Wizard City in general, some wizards take time out of their questing and wizardly duties to catch a quick read or two.

We're not counting audiobooks here. Sorry. Audiobooks are great for questing by your own, lonely self.

Every wizardly book nerd has to go to a reading place - while that dorm room is nice and cozy, not everyone wants to stay cooped up in their rooms (and let's be honest: that dorm room is boring if you don't decorate it because you're too busy saving the spiral. Sadly, that is the case with my myth and ice wizards).

Here are six great places for catching a quick page or two in:
Upstairs in the Wizard City Library
If you want to hide from everyone (unless they look up), the second floor of the Wizard City library is a great place to get some reading done assuming you don't get tempted to check out all the other books on the shelves.

The Forbidden Area in the Wizard City Library
You know that one place when you go visit Harold in Wizard City? Have you always been curious what was hidden behind those lights that led to infinite darkness? If you're an adventurous wizard daring to jump over the rope, you might find an action-packed book or two hidden among those shelves.

Behind the Waterfall (Nightside, Wizard City)
If you want a quiet little area with nothing but the rush of water and the faint chatter of wizards talking in the Commons, worry not: there's a place for you. All you'll find behind the waterfall are death wizards scurrying by you as they speak to Dworgyn and test their luck in the Sunken City.

Maybe you'll even catch a rainbow or two.

Dragon's Mouth Cave (Golem Court, Wizard City)
If water isn't your thing or the sounds of the waterfall and chatter of wizards is too much for you, the Dragon's Mouth cave is another place for your reading enjoyment. As long as you don't mind a stone dragon staring down at you menacingly or dim lighting (lest you set your book on fire), it'll be perfectly quiet and warm.

This is a good place to hibernate, isn't it.

Halley's Observatory (Royal Museum, Marleybone)
Unfortunately for young wizardlings who want to gaze at the stars in between breaks of reading or want to risk their lives balancing around in a library with no railings and a rotating dino, this won't be accessible until you finish Avalon.

Pigswick Library (Wysteria)
Mari mentioned it during our very public conversation on Twitter about reading places, but I didn't find a really good place for photos until I started questing through there on my myth.

The Community Chimes In

Over on Twitter during the summer, I asked the rest of the community about great reading places. Here's a select few:
Autumn forgot a pic! (She is also no longer on Twitter, but please know this does not give any rights to take and claim as your own.) But anyway, here's a pic of Autumn running around Jade Palace.
If you don't mind a little music while reading...
Mari volunteers her library as a tribute, wizards. Hit her up if you want a quiet place with the occasional owner popping in to make sure you're not causing havoc in her home. Thanks Mari for letting me sneak around your library for pics to use for the post header! (And probably for Spiral Reads, because Mari's library is fabulous).
Misty took some amazing pics over in Pirate101. I mean, Pirate101 is totally fair game. No one else chose to take it but Misty.

Do you have a favorite reading place in the spiral? How about in general? 

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