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Saturday, November 11, 2017

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LATE Fangirl Friday Edition: Texas Church Shooting + Harry Potter AR Game

Sorry for the late post! Had to study all night for an exam I had for Friday. Sadly, finals are coming up and it's gonna be HELL. #HellWeek #CollegeLife

Another week, another tragedy. Yes, it involves with guns. I mean this is getting out of hand. Last month we just experienced a horrible shooting tragedy in Las Vegas! I've known this for a while, but man is this becoming clearer every day; we are no longer safe where ever we go.

Just a moment of silence for everyone who died in that church on Sunday. It just hurts to know that so many children has died as well. What has our country come to?

Let's move onto some Harry Potter news!

I think you've all heard about the famous Pokemon GO game that was super popular even the popular kids got hooked. Yes and they are the ones who used to make fun of the nerds who played Pokemon WAY BEFORE the AR game launched. Yes, they sure are hypocrites. 
This new augmented reality game for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will launch as early as 2018! I can already see how divided we are all gonna be when we wear our house colors like Pokemon did! Imagine everyone saying spells in the middle of a park, and you wouldn't even question it, because YOU ARE GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE! NO SHAME. I'm joining in like I did with Pokemon GO.
Who's with me?

Check their website to find out more info! 

Alright, more gaming!

Any Wizard101 gamers out there? There is a new update! I got a screenshot of the update explained from their website.


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