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Wednesday, December 6, 2017


The Nutshell on All the Sophias (and then Some) Lately | Questing Shenanigans

Things About New Computers and Bad Memories: They don't go well.

At least this new computer is working fine in the few weeks I've had it. IT'S ABOUT GOSH DARN TIME. Ooo, and so, so spacey. *sighs happily*

I'll take forgotten photos over a computer that gives connection problems. They're not lost - I just can't get them until 2-3 years from now because my mom has laid claim on all old computers to wreak havoc on. (Not literally.)

Soooo instead of breaking it all up into different posts as originally planned... here's the rundown of what's been happening lately with ALL of my characters, with maybe some photos. Are they teasers?! Maybe....

Sophia IceHeart/Hannah DarkBlood (Ice/Death)

Yep. I have a death character and ice character being worked on at the same time. In all honesty, I really enjoy having a death character over ice despite the fact ice isn't a bad school either. They're catching up to Legendheart pretty quickly since they're working together, but I do want to avoid questing on her since she has a team who are currently busy with other things. I suppose I've learned why some people like running two accounts at the same time though... and it's not just because there are seven schools and each account only has a maximum of six.

They recently finished Marleybone and are making their way slowly through Mooshu at the moment. You probably thought Sophia DeathHeart would be the name, didn't you?

Sophia LegendHeart (Myth)

I haven't made much progress on my myth, but she's been going through Celestia lately. However... I might set her aside until summer before I work on her again unless I'm going through Grizzleheim and Wintertusk. Ohhhh and she finally made it through Sunken City.

*sighs* I had some good screenshots from that as well.

Sophia Waterheart (Balance)

I've been making a LOT of progress with my main character. After a million years, she's finally made it through Azteca and has been making a lot of progress in Khrysalis. And by a lot of progress, I mean a whole lot than what I've done on the others (slowly, it seems). Admittedly I had help as well.
Sometimes I take decent game photographs. Also I have a pet change! They shall make an appearance in the near future.

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Sophia Waterheart

Sophia Waterheart is one of Sophia's main characters and is technically a retired wizard (she pops up here and there), even though she is still in the Twizard community. Contrary to what many people think, her character does not have green hair. She comes up with the occasional gaming post, but has ultimately decided her true passion lies in sharing her thoughts on things related to books. She may or may not consider finding a replacement.