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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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The Flooding by Sean Hancock + Teleport by Kevin Berry | Mini Reviews

I think my reviews for The Selection and Shatter Me are giving some life, so I’m going to attempt to write coherent paragraphs of the non-list variety over two books I got from Kindle Scout.

In reality, my brain is crying silently because it wants to worm its way back into the dead life until another book I feel strongly about makes an appearance and I can write coherent paragraphs (too bad those paragraphs feel like bullet points) without making a fool of myself. (I probably did better than I think.)

Also, it's snowing and cold and freezing and all I want to do is curl in a blanket and hibernate until spring.

Teleport by Kevin Berry

I've never actually read a book based solely on making a teleportation device as the main plot, so this was a ride inside a new experience. But there are huge loads of information that I personally felt were information dumps, and it went all over my head every time a character explained what was going on to another character. Nearly half the book is focused on creating the teleportation device or testing (and more testing) - those looking for a fast-paced book will find Teleport to be slow at first, but things do pick up later on as the book progresses.

Sometimes I come across books that have unnecessary romance (a lot of them have it as a nice touch), but Teleport felt really unnecessary and forced. I felt like Berry was trying to get a romance angle into the story when the story was doing fine without that angle.

Teleport was interesting and all, but there were some things that just didn't work out.

The Flooding by Sean Hancock

The Flooding is a far cry from what I usually read, but at the same time, it IS what I enjoy reading. That probably didn't make sense.

Hancock’s latest book starts off as a mass confusion that will most likely disorient you but will quickly try to put you on the same path as the reader as the book dives straight into the action from the very beginning. Most of the book is focused on flashbacks and memories - all of which are from Rosa’s past lives - in addition to keeping up with what is currently going on in Rosa’s life.

A lot that goes on in The Flooding does seem like a set up for the second book, so I am looking forward to where this story might be taken.

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