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Friday, February 9, 2018


Fangirl Friday: Super Bowl 2018 + Winter Olympics

Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning this years Super Bowl! Your parade was crazy and was fun to watch on Thursday! Enjoy your win!

Of course the Super Bowl brought us some awesome commercials and movie trailers! There are tons I have to share! So prepare yourself, this might be a long post! If I didn't mention your favorite Super Bowl commercial, please tell me in the comments below!

Doritos vs. Mountain Dew

Wendy's Beef Commercial 

Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride explore

Alexa loses her voice- Amazon

Touchdown Celebrations to come- NFL

Avengers: Infinity War- Big Game Spot 

Solo: A Star Wars Story

I've always loved competitions! So you must know that I am HOOKED on this years Winter Olympics! The Winter Olympics officially started yesterday, February 8! The ceremony for the Winter Olympics is tonight, February 9! Why are they competing before the opening ceremony? I have no clue. I'm looking forward to figure skating, hockey, skiing, and curling (the most underrated sport)! Which sports are you looking forward to seeing in the Winter Olympics?

I have more trailers to show you believe it or not.

Deadpool, Meet Cable

Marvel's Jessica Jones: Season 2 

A look at Marvel's Class Photo Video! 

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